Red Model 3 Will Cost You $1,000 More Than One In Black Color

Red Model 3 Will Cost You $1,000 More Than One In Black Color
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Tesla has started handing over the much-anticipated Model 3, which has an entry-level price tag of $35,000. Even before production of the car started, the EV maker made it clear that the upcoming vehicle is meant for the masses. However, any tweaks in the Model 3 or even just a color change will cost the buyers dearly.

Red Model 3 will cost extra

At an event on Friday, Elon Musk handed over the first 30 cars to employee buyers. At the event, Musk also showcased the vehicle, and one of the most eye-catching moments during the event was Musk appearing on the stage in a red Model 3.

Those who are set on owning a red Model 3 will have to shell out $1,000 extra. It’s not just the red Model 3 that will cost you extra; any color except for black will cost $1,000 more, notes USA Today. In addition to black and red, Tesla is also offering the Model 3 in silver, blue and white. Further, those who want the 19-inch sports wheels should be ready to lighten their pocket by $1,500 extra on top of the starting price.

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