Xbox One X vs The Nintendo Switch: How Do They Compare?

Xbox One X vs The Nintendo Switch: How Do They Compare?
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The Nintendo switch has been a very successful gaming console so far with impressive numbers. Gaming enthusiasts have given the Switch quite some impressive reviews. Portability of this console and the games on offer are some of the things that have won over the gaming population. However, the Xbox one X is set to be launched later this year in November. It is hoped that the Xbox one X will give the Switch a run or its money. We shall compare the Xbox one X vs the Nintendo Switch. We shall not focus in which is the better gaming console, but rather review them and let the gamers make the choice.

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Xbox One X vs The Nintendo Switch

The Xbox One X will be Microsoft’s powerful gaming console yet. It will feature intense graphics and full 4k HDR support and a 4K UHD Blu-ray optical drive. They claim that it will have 40% more gaming power than any other console in the market. The faster processing will be enabled by the 8-core custom AMD CPU which will ensure smoother gameplay and bring real world interactions and smoother gameplay. A 6 teraflop GPU will enable more realistic environments with the 4K display while the 12 GB DDDR5 graphic memory enables quicker load times and further horizons which is very important in some games.

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However, having said all this, it’s important to consider whether it will be necessary to upgrade to the Xbox One X taking note that it will be going for $500. Even though it promises 4K resolution and in some cases 6K resolution, the upgrade from the Xbox One S in terms of real graphics upgrade as most games run well on the latter. Secondly, third party game developers will have to make their games complaint with the Xbox One X.

The Nintendo Switch has seen its demand since launch rise so highly that the company doubled their production targets for the first year. This is good news for Nintendo as it means more third party game developers will take note and keep producing games which in turn will keep the demand for the Switch high. The portability of this console is a big deal for many gamers as they are able to play their favorite games on the move. The handheld capability doubled with the capability to use it as a home console makes it a big success. However, this transitioning has come with a few compromises compared with other dedicated consoles and hand held devices. In terms of specifications, it may not be yet in the region of the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro but will comfortably play most games.

The Switch comes in a unique hybrid design with two controllers and a colorful screen. The design ensures that it is a hand held, console and tabletop. The Switch will come with the main console, two detachable controller sides, a grip and a dock, HDMI cable as well as a USB power cable. The accessories may be many but setting them up is quite simple.  However, on the cons side, the joy cons charge only on console unless you buy added accessory. It also has an oddly placed right analogue stick that may be inconvenient for some gamers.

Xbox One X vs the Nintendo switch is likely to be a major battle between these two consoles. The Nintendo is unique and many gamers will want to have for their travels and even as a home console. The XBox One X promises to be a powerful gaming console with high end specs. Many hardcore gamers are eagerly waiting for its arrival later in the year.

Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro vs. Nintendo Switch Specs
Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro vs. Nintendo Switch Specs

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  1. This is kind of a silly article. First, the obvious: Xbox One X is a $500 console that’s not portable in the least, and Switch is a $299 console that’s built from the ground up to be portable. The former targets 4k, the latter, 1080p, which is the current dominant standard worldwide.

    Neither system is going to deliver ugly games with terrible graphics. One will deliver 4K, sometimes at 60fps, sometimes not; one will deliver 1080p, with the same issues, but neither will deliver games that play poorly or are unattractive. And provided each has developers working to create compelling content, there really shouldn’t be a problem with either system having great stuff for players to enjoy.

    Yeah, this is a silly article, just like the entire notion of a console war is silly. It’s all about the games, not the power. Enjoy them for what they are.

  2. Lies. The nintendo switch fisicaly have an octacore but only use 4 cores and does not have 1.3 TF its about 512 Gflops

  3. xbox one x is a console and it is not running off from a mobile cpu or gpu like phone and tablet, while the “swttch” does. of course is going to be powerful than the “switch”, it also base on game that people going to get.

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