iOS 11 Beta 4 Release Date: When Is It Expected?

iOS 11 Beta 4 Release Date: When Is It Expected?

Apple fans who are itching to get their hands on the latest build of iOS 11 may not have to wait much longer for the iOS 11 Beta 4 release date. Apple beta releases typically follow a two week schedule. Since the iOS beta 3 release came on July 10th, it would stand to reason that we can expect the next build to drop around July 24th, give or take a few days.

Of course, iOS 11 should be nearing a point of stability where users don’t see too many changes being made at this stage in development. Apple will have likely analyzed bug reports and made some small changes, but it’s very rare to see a major new feature in a beta release like what we’re expecting in the next week once the iOS beta 4 release date is officially announced.

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We did an article on how to install iOS 11 beta 3 and the steps would very likely be similar for the iOS 11 beta 4 release. If you’re the kind of person that wants to have the latest software installed on your iPhone then you may want to bookmark that page. Of course, we will be sure to update our readers once the iOS beta 4 release does finally arrives.

For those that haven’t yet tasted what iOS 11 has to offer, here are some of the major features in Apple’s latest OS:

  • Control Center Changes – Control center has seen some nice design changes which makes the feature customizable. There are also additional settings that were previously not available.
  • Siri Got a Makeover – In iOS 11, Siri has a much more natural-sounding voice. As well, Siri also went back to school; everyone’s favorite voice assistant can now translate English into several popular languages. Perfect for travelers!
  • Persistent Dock on iPad – iPad users who love their Mac layout will appreciate that a similar dock is coming to the iPad with iOS 11. There is also an App Switcher that acts like Mission Control on the Mac. Mac lovers who also own an iPad should be looking forward to the iOS 11 beta 4 release date.
  • Better Photo and Video Compression – Hopefully iOS 11 means less time spent deleting old photos and more time taking new ones. Improved compression should help save some valuable storage space on iOS devices.
  • Pay Your Friends – iOS 11 brings person to person Apple Pay capability. You can send money to friends right through iMessage, making collecting or paying money a lot easier.
  • Apple Maps Improvements – Apple maps will now show indoor maps for some popular locations like shopping malls and airports. This is probably a much-anticipated feature for travelers who frequent unfamiliar airports.

That’s just a quick skim of the features available in iOS 11. If you’re itching to try out what iOS 11 has to offer then stay tuned for the iOS 11 beta 4 release date which should be right around the corner. Of course, if you’re really looking to jump in then the iOS 11 beta 3 release is already available. It won’t be long until Apple has all of their bugs worked out an iOS 11 becomes the standard for most devices.

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