iOS 11 Beta 3 Release Date: When Should You Expect It To Arrive?

Install iOS 11 Beta 3

Since June 5 when developers got their hands on iOS 11 for the first time, the world has been waiting for the subsequent line of betas to roll off Apple’s software line. As such, we now find ourselves in the position of having developer betas 1 and 2, plus the first public beta. The verdict is that this next firmware is a step in the right direction: an Apple OS that firmly places usability back in the foreground. However, many are wondering when the iOS 11 Beta 3 release date will be.

iOS 11 Beta 3 release date

If you have managed to take a look at either of the developer betas or the more recent public version, you will already know that there is a slew of new features and a new look. According to those who have spent a reasonable amount of time with them, developers are now working hard alongside Apple to iron out any bugs and put the new framework and APIs through their paces.

If you’re unfamiliar with iOS 11, either because you don’t have a compatible device, or you missed the public beta, here are some important links.

iOS 11 Beta 3 release date prediction

Fortunately, due to Apple’s almost military-like time keeping, we are in a position where a fairly accurate prediction can be made. If you followed the beta release schedule for iOS 10, you might remember that the releases came rather thick and fast.

As such, we can say that seven days is believable, fingers crossed. Last year, we often saw Apple do this to keep testers and hardworking developers on the ball. However, moving from the first beta to the second took 17 days for iOS 11, which is more than twice as long as it took last year. As such, it may be that Apple, unlike with iOS 10, expects to release betas with greater changes, meaning that we may have to get used to a long wait between releases.

So when could we expect to see the iOS 11 Beta 3 release date fall? According to those who claim to know, somewhere between July 6 and July 10 is likely. However, we advise that you take this information with a grain of salt, as there’s no way to determine that accurately. However, as always, when we find out more, we will let you know.

Final thoughts

While you wait, it’s worth considering what Apple may deliver with the third beta. We think you can be ultimately sure of a release with new features and not just a small bug fix release. You can probably expect further improvements to Siri and other core features, along with improved intractability, plus minor tweaks. If there is a problem with iOS 11, it’s the fact that Apple failed to disclose all of its features at WWDC. Because of this, in our minds, important features such as Do Not Disturb While Driving have been left to developers to write about. Having said that, if you are anything like us, digging around for yourself is half the fun.

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