GoPro QuikStories Makes Video Editing Easy

GoPro QuikStories Makes Video Editing Easy
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GoPro has launched a new feature called QuikStories that should help users create awesome, jaw-dropping videos without even having to touch their device or any buttons. Pretty sleek, hey?

So, how does GoPro QuikStories work? If you have used the Quik app before then this won’t be much of a change. Basically, GoPro QuikStories still automatically builds a video, choosing clips that fit the beat of the song just like before. The biggest difference is that QuikStories removes the need for users to provide any input in the app in order to start the process. Shoot your video, watch back the final edited version. It’s that easy.

Of course, users can go back through the video and swap out clips for others or trim the video down to make it perfect. It should also be noted that this feature currently only works with the GoPro Hero 5 camera. As well, GoPro suggests that users have at 20% battery life before using the feature.

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It’s awesome to see that GoPro is putting more emphasis on mobile video editing for their products. Up until about a year and a half ago, there was no official way to edit your video on the go. When GoPro acquired Quik that all changed. Now, with features like GoPro QuikStories, it appears the company is taking mobile editing very seriously. That’s awesome news if you’re a fan of the action cameras.

CEO Nick Woodman had this to say about the GoPro QuikStories launch:

While we had all of the tools, previously, for our customers to get to an edit and realize the value of owning a GoPro, we’re pretty candid that that was a very complicated solution for somebody to figure out.

He went on to add:

When you’re reviewing the footage [with QuikStories], it’s as though you captured it with the phone itself. That’s a much more compelling solution and experience than what GoPro was before QuikStories, and so we think it can weave GoPro into people’s more casual use in a way that GoPro wasn’t really relevant before because of the amount of work it took to get to the edit, to get to the story.

It’s refreshing to see a company CEO speak so candidly about their product. The people at GoPro recognized that the existing editing solution was not as good as it could be and worked toward creating QuikStories in order to make the process feel more intuitive to users.

If you want to check out QuikStories you can do so by simply updating the GoPro app and the Quik app on your device. Let us know your thoughts!

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