iPhone 8 Design Is Likely To Be Completely Different

iPhone 8 Design Is Likely To Be Completely Different
Screenshot Source: SlashLeaks

Yes, you have probably heard it all before, but Apple‘s iPhone 8 design is likely to be very different from previous models because 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the handset line’s launch. So let’s take a look at the recent revelations and leaks that have almost certainly given up Apple’s secret.

iPhone 8 design

After years of waiting and a whole slew of similar iPhones, Apple is about to give fans want they want. It’s a completely different iPhone that doesn’t merge with its predecessors: a handset with the “wow” factor.

Let’s start by clarifying that this hasn’t come from Apple; it still prefers to remain silent. However, there is an army of iPhone fans around the world who leak, tweet, shoot video, and generally, want to help. Forbes and 9to5Mac have been able to get a hold of exclusive material which shows a possible iPhone 8 design. What makes these leaks worthy of mention is that they all show something that looks the same, and that means we can now start to build a consensus about what the next smartphone from Apple will look like.

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So without further ado, let’s take a look at what has been recently revealed.

Dummy model seen in video

As we’ve already mentioned, Apple keeps its pre-launch handsets under wraps, so a believable video leak is rare. However, earlier this week, 9to5Mac was approached by tech journalist/blogger Shai Mizrachi, who claimed have proof of the iPhone 8 design. This proof was in the form of images and a video that showed what is described as a dummy unit.

It is possible that this video is a hoax; however, it does appear to be genuine, as unlike others we have seen, this one is clear, and no details of the device are hidden. In the video, you can see the much talked-about edge-to-edge display, which is elongated. On its rear, there’s a vertically-aligned camera setup, all of which corresponds with rumors and other leaks. It looks like there’s a black glass back and a silver trim along the edges.

You can see how it compares to the iPhone 7 Plus in the video below.

iphone 8 design changes.JPG
Screenshot source: MobileFun

Accessories retailer gives a hint

Earlier this week, we discovered that a well-known mobile accessories retailer had published what is probably the biggest iPhone 8 design hint we’ve seen. MobileFun put an accessory for Apple’s yet-to-be-announced iPhone up for sale online. So the question is why such a reputable business that operates around the world would do so if it is wrong.

The screen protector reveal for the first time what the front of the iPhone 8 will probably look like. It shows us that the iPhone 8 design is probably going to be a radical departure from previous designs. In fact, it suggests that it will have a 5.8-inch display and be almost bezel-free, except for a top cutout for the camera and sensors. Ultimately, it’s in line with what we can see in the video above and matches other leaks and rumors, so it shores up the expectations of a gorgeous new handset making its way to an announcement in September.

What if this is still wrong? To be frank, it’s highly unlikely to be the case, as MobileFun has a solid track record when it comes to confirming handset designs. One example is with the Galaxy S8; three months before its launch, the retailer confirmed it with a screen protector. If we go back to 2016, it did the same for the iPhone 7, so it has pedigree.

Final thoughts

The problem with leaks and rumors is that there’s still an element of doubt, so we advise that you take the above with a grain of salt. After all, until they are proven to be correct, they may as well be wrong. Apple may, in fact, surprise us with another clone of a device, proving all of the rumors and leaks inaccurate. It could be that what we see here is meant for 2018; we just don’t know.

That being said, with handset sales falling and Samsung looking to make a splash with the Galaxy Note 8, Apple would be foolish to rest on its laurels for yet another year. Surely 2017 is the year a design change is in order.

When could we see this next device? If the rumors are accurate, then fingerprint sensor problems will hold it back. We could see it announced in September but not go on sale until October or November. As always, when we find out more, we will publish it straightaway. In the meantime, share your thoughts below.

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