Microsoft Windows 10 Insider Preview: What’s New, Improved And Fixed

Microsoft Windows 10 Insider Preview: What’s New, Improved And Fixed
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Two weeks ago, Microsoft rolled out a major Windows 10 Insider Preview build, and now again on Wednesday, the company delivered an impressive update with Build 16226. This is Microsoft’s fourth build for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which is expected to arrive later this year.

Windows 10 Insider Preview build: what’s new?

Microsoft Windows 10 is more of a service, so it is quite different from the earlier version of Windows. The upcoming version can be updated regularly, not just with fixes but with new features also, notes The Verge. The latest update includes various features and improvements, including updates to Edge, emoji, OneDrive, keyboard, handwriting, sound, and more, that will be part of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

For example, Microsoft has added many features to Edge, like the X in the tab band will now always be available, even when the tab is showing a dialog box. Users now will also be able to migrate their Cookies and Settings from Chrome to Edge. In addition, “Ask Cortana” has now been made available when a user selects a text to copy or adds Ink Notes capabilities and in e-book roaming.

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