This iOS 11 Concept Has Some Cool Features [VIDEO]

This iOS 11 Concept Has Some Cool Features [VIDEO]
Image Credit: Litaya / ConceptsiPhone / YouTube video (screenshot)

Apple’s much-awaited WWDC event is just a few days away. The event will officially kick off Monday, June 5. The Cupertino company is expected to show off the new operating systems for mobile, TV, watch, and Macs. The rumor mill claims that Apple would also unveil new hardware including Siri Speaker, MacBook Pro, and iPad Pro 2. However, the biggest highlight of the event will be iOS 11, which would run the 10th anniversary iPhone 8 upon launch.

iOS 11 concept: Improved Siri, Notification Center

Apple has been tight-lipped about the iOS 11, but Apple fans and concept designers have been imagining all sorts of features coming to iOS 11. The operating system could offer clues about the much-hyped iPhone 8, which is still a few months away. Now designer Litaya has collaborated with YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone to create a video showing the new iOS 11 features.

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A few features included in the concept might not be practical, but overall it’s an impressive concept. It has a Today page for Siri suggestions. The AI assistant studies your behavior and offers specific information and app actions based on time, settings, and your current location.

Siri has a new chat-like design that allows you to access or dismiss it more quickly. The iOS 11 concept also has an Action bar at the bottom to let you quickly reach the Spotlight. Siri has also been integrated with the camera app. the camera app has been redesigned, making it easier to reach the quick settings. You can change the video resolution without going to settings.

The rumor mill expects Siri to get a major overhaul with iOS 11. Siri was way ahead of its rivals until a few years ago. But the likes of Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are giving it a tough competition in terms of capabilities. Apple is planning to load Siri with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure that it remains relevant in the fiercely competitive market.

The iOS 11 allows you to send a Favorite Friend request to see if they are online. Notification Center has been redesigned to remove the blur from the Home and Lock screens. The notification cards have an icons-based color touch to improve the experience. The volume interface for music has been placed on the top. A new notification system in the music app would alert you when new songs come out.

The concept imagines a multi-user functionality on iPads. You can switch between users by holding the power button and selecting the user or entering the guest mode. The iOS 11 concept also has a multi-window mode for iPads. You can switch between different pages and apps by pressing the home button. Apple already offers multitasking on the iPad Pro.

iOS 11 gets Dark Mode

Finally, Litaya imagines Dark Mode on the iOS 11. Rumors about the Dark Mode have consistently surfaced over the last few years, but Apple is yet to introduce the feature to iOS. It’s painful on the eyes to look at a bright screen when in total darkness. Many iPhone users have complained that even sliding the brightness to the minimum doesn’t help. A system-wide Dark Mode could be helpful.

This iOS 11 concept allows you to schedule the Dark Mode, meaning the screen would adapt to dark conditions at a specific time of your choice. It also lets you change the wallpaper to ease the strain on your eyes. Not all features imagined in the concept are going to appear in the iOS 11, but the video shows what Apple fans expect to see during the WWDC keynote address on Monday.

Other features expected to debut with iOS 11

Earlier this year, Apple launched an app called Clips to let users add effects and filters to their videos. Recent reports suggest that the app would become a standard in iOS 11 and offer new sharing capabilities. Apple Music is also expected to get a revamp as the Cupertino company is planning to move into original video. According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on at least ten original series.

Peer to peer Apple Pay support is also expected to debut with the iOS 11. The functionality was previously rumored to come with the iOS 10. Reddit user cyanhat recently leaked that the peer-to-peer payments will be ready for iOS 11. Apple could finally allow users to send money digitally with the rollout of iOS 11. The tech giant is actively participating in the ongoing cashless revolution.

There are also speculations that the iOS 11 could feature a sleep monitoring technology. Last month, the Cupertino company acquired Beddit, which makes sleep tracking systems. Its products analyze sleep-related data like sleep time and efficiency, respiration, heart rate, movement, snoring, temperature, and room humidity. Considering the acquisition took place only about a month ago, Beddit’s technology might not be incorporated into iOS 11. But the future versions of iOS 11 could offer sleep monitoring.

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