New Galaxy S8, LG G6 Variants Coming To Counter iPhone 8 Threat

New Galaxy S8, LG G6 Variants Coming To Counter iPhone 8 Threat

It sounds like Samsung and LG are feeling threatened by the iPhone 8, and it isn’t even here yet! New variants of the Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are said to be planned because of Apple’s next major flagship, and we don’t mean the iPhone 7s/ 7s Plus.

Special Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6 variants planned

Citing industry sources, Android Headlines reports that Samsung and LG are planning to release special variants of their flagships in the coming months because of the threat from the iPhone 8. Apple has long been rumored to be pulling out all the stops this year for the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, and that ultra-premium version is generally being called the iPhone 8, although some have taken to referring to it as the iPhone X.

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According to Android Headlines, Samsung is planning to add at least one new color variant of the Galaxy S8, which is Rose Gold. The blog reported earlier that a photo of the Rose Gold Galaxy S8 had been leaked, but today, it says that its sources claim there will also be a Rose Gold Galaxy S8 Plus. The blog explained that prior leaks pointed to there being only a Rose Gold version of the smaller of Samsung’s two newest flagships.

Samsung said to be planning a refurbished Galaxy Note 7

Android Headlines also claims that Samsung may also try to take a bite out of iPhone 8 sales by releasing a refurbished Galaxy Note 7 with a smaller 3,200mAh battery. We heard this rumor about a refurbished Note 7 quite some time ago, but Samsung refuted that claim in February. It certainly seems like a strange move if it is indeed aimed at combatting the iPhone 8. I can’t imagine anyone who wants an iPhone 8 deciding to buy a refurbished version of a phone that exploded and was so dangerous that Samsung had to recall it entirely.

At any rate, Android Headlines claims that the refurbished Note 7 will be called the Note FE (Fandom Edition) or, in China, the Note 7R. The blog also states that it will only be available in limited quantities in select Asian nations.

Two more LG G6 phones supposedly on the way too

Android Headlines also reported separately that LG is planning to release two more variants of the LG G6 to battle the iPhone 8. They are said to be called the LG G6 Plus and the G6 Pro. The Plus variant is described as a “somewhat more premium variant of the original” while the Pro is said to be a “slightly downgraded version.” However, both variants will supposedly be different from each other, such as in the amounts of internal flash memory and whether they have wireless charging support. The two LG G6 variants are both said to be planned for release before the end of this month.

Internal documents revealed last month that the company was planning a “mini” version of the LG G6, although that sounds a bit different than what Android Headlines is suggesting.

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