Survival Video Games Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the rise in digital entertainment comes a domino effect in the variety of games aiming to cash in on the videogame gold coins.  Some of the most lucrative video games played and enjoyed are made by the Japanese multimedia game developers.  To name a few: the classic game that dominated the 80s and 90s, Super Mario and the yellow moon-shaped dot-eating time killing game, Pacman. The newer  releases from the video games industry that made a lot of noise are the series released games.  They initiate a curious connection between the player and the game.  These are the newer generation of science-fiction role playing games: Final fantasy and the horror-adventure game Resident evil.

The billions of US dollars gained by the video game industry funds the same Research and development teams of video game manufacturers. The domino effect that the big revenues create is the same demand of exceptional game developer teams with great salaries as well.  How does a minimum of a 70K dollars annual salary sound to you? Being one of the most financial generating industry, it offers game designers and developers more than 70 thousand dollars salary package a year…  Not too shabby for a job that allows creativity and playing as a career.

The billion dollar sales revenues by United States and China is not isolated. Rallying close in the video game industry race is the sales revenues in United Kingdom. As the world’s third largest game industry based from hardware and software sales.

Check out this amazing infographic presented by that goes through the whole Survival Video Game Industry and reveals how profitable it is so develop a survival video game.

Survival Video Games Industry – see the full infographic below

video games industry

video games industry