Care2 Petition Success: IBM Cuts Ties With New York Blood Center Over Abandonment Of 66 Research Chimps

Care2 Petition Success: IBM Cuts Ties With New York Blood Center Over Abandonment Of 66 Research Chimps
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The Care2 petition asking IBM to cut ties with NYBC had gathered over 164,000 signatures; two other Care2 petitions successfully pressured MetLife and Citigroup to condemn NYBC’s move 


NEW YORK CITY  — A Care2 petition demanding IBM cut ties with New York Blood Center (NYBC) due to NYBC’s abandonment of 66 research chimps in 2015 has been successful. According to a statement published today on IBM’s website, the technology company has severed all ties with the blood center. The Care2 petition pressuring IBM had gathered over 164,000 signatures.

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Care2 has long been agitating on the issue: In 2016, a Care2 petition that gathered over 127,000 signatures was successful in urging NYBC’s largest donor, MetLife, to issue a public statement condemning NYBC and announcing a suspension of funding until NYBC resolves the chimp abandonment crisis it created. A separate Care2 petition successfully pressured Citigroup to stop donating to the blood center after it gathered over 224,000 signatures.

“We are grateful IBM has joined MetLife and Citigroup in taking a principled stand against the New York Blood Center,” petition author Donny Moss told Care2. “Corporations don’t normally speak out publicly against other organizations with which they partner, but, as global corporate citizens, IBM could not turn a blind eye to the blood center’s egregious decision to abandon 66 chimpanzees on deserted islands with no food or water after experimenting on them for 30 years and earning hundreds of millions of dollars off of their research.”

After 30 years of using the chimps for biomedical research that ended 12 years ago, NYBC withdrew all funding for the animals in March 2015, drawing condemnation from animal welfare advocates, New York elected officials, and Dr. Jane Goodall.

“IBM believes strongly in the mission of blood collection agencies. At the same time, IBM also believes in the humane care and treatment of animals, including the chimpanzees New York Blood Center (NYBC) used in research experiments in Liberia over a 30-year period,” IBM said in its statement. “…While IBM does not provide monetary donations to the NYBC or any donated space for collection, IBM has suspended its support of NYBC blood drives in New York while the NYBC works with all deliberate speed to implement a long-term solution to this issue.”

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