Google Pixel 2: This Futuristic Concept Looks Absolutely Stunning

Google Pixel 2: This Futuristic Concept Looks Absolutely Stunning
Image Credit: Concept Creator / YouTube video (screenshot)

Last year’s Google Pixel and Pixel XL were not the highest selling premium smartphones, but they were generally praised by consumers. The search engine giant has confirmed that it is working on the successors to Pixel and Pixel XL, and that the new phones will be aimed at the premium segment. So far, there have been only a few leaks and rumors about the so-called Google Pixel 2. But it hasn’t deterred concept designers from trying to imagine what the device would look like.

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Dual camera setup on the front

A few days ago, designers at YouTube channel Concept Creator posted a teaser video of Google Pixel 2, indicating that the full concept was in the offing. Now they have posted the full concept video, and it looks absolutely stunning. Concept Creator has transformed the phone into a futuristic-looking device. Only time will tell if Google takes some inspiration from the video.

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Dual camera setup on the front

First, the render sports a dual camera system not only on the back panel but also on the front for better selfies. The dual camera setup is expected from a high-end smartphone. If it turns out to be true, Google Pixel 2 could be the first premium phone to have dual cameras on the front. According to the concept, the Pixel 2 features two 12MP camera lenses with a f/1.7 aperture on the back. The camera is optimized for low-light photography. You can also see a fingerprint sensor on the back, right above Google’s logo.

The video also suggests that the Google Pixel 2 would feature an edge-to-edge OLED display similar to Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8. The last year’s Pixel phones were dull and conventional in terms of design. The curved OLED display, which has been a trend this year, will give the Pixel 2 a premium feel and help it stay relevant in the fiercely competitive market.

Google Pixel 2 Smartphone
Image Credit: Concept Creator / YouTube video (screenshot)

According to a report from Korean site Electronic Times, Google had offered to invest $880 million in LG Display to secure the supply of curved OLED displays for the Pixel 2 line of phones. Samsung Display, the world’s largest maker of OLED panels, already has its hands full with orders from Samsung Electronics and Apple. The 10th anniversary iPhone will also have a similar curved OLED screen.

Pixel 2 features and specs

The concept designers claim that Google Pixel 2 will sport a 5.6-inch Quad HD AMOLED display with an aspect ratio of 18:9, bigger than the standard 16:9 ratio. It is said to come with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5, which can withstand a 1.6-meter drop on a rough surface at least 80% of the time. According to the concept, the phone will pack 6GB RAM and 32GB/128GB of internal storage, which users can expand further via a microSD card slot.

To be realistic, Google Pixel 2 may not need 6GB RAM. The device will run Android O, which will have many performance and efficiency-related optimizations, reducing the need for a huge RAM. Concept Creator says the device will be powered by Qualcomm’s 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 835 processor with Adreno 540 graphics processor. Snapdragon 835 is already used in Samsung’s Galaxy S8, and is expected to run most of the premium Android phones coming this year.

The concept video lists wireless charging and fast charging as features intended for Pixel 2. The render also sports a USB Type-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The device is also expected to offer waterproofing capabilities. Last year’s Pixel lacked water-resistance, probably because Google had run out of time to implement the feature. But Google Pixel 2 is likely to have IP68 waterproof rating.

Google Pixel 2: The nicknames

Google is working on Pixel 2 and Android O simultaneously, and the upcoming Pixel is expected to be the first phone to run Android O. Recently, the nicknames “muskie” and “walleye” were discovered in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The search engine giant traditionally names its upcoming devices after aquatic animals. “Walleye” is what the Google Pixel 2 is known as internally. Since muskies are bigger than walleyes, the code name “muskie” belongs to the larger Pixel 2 XL.

A third device “taimen” was also recently found in the AOSP. Since the taimen is bigger than both muskie and walleye, the rumor mill speculates that it could either be a tablet or a third phone called Pixel 2 XXL.

Taimen on GeekBench

A few days ago, taimen was spotted on the benchmarking site GeekBench. It received 1,804 points in single-core test and 6,248 points in multi-core test. By comparison, the last year’s Google Pixel XL had scored 1,648 points in single-core and 4,121 points in multi-core tests. Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S8 Plus has received 1,929 and 6,084 points in single-core and multi-core tests, respectively.

Taimen’s single-core score isn’t that impressive, but there is always a possibility of it being a tablet with average specifications rather than a Pixel 2 line device. In that case, it will be the Google Pixel 2 XL (walleye) that will be competing against the Galaxy S8 Plus and iPhone 8.

Google Pixel 2 is expected to launch in October, exactly a year after the original Pixel hit the store shelves, to capitalize on the holiday sales. Since the search engine giant has clearly stated that the upcoming Pixel phones would continue to target the premium segment, we can expect it to have a base price of $649. Last year’s Google Pixel and Pixel XL were priced at $649 and $769, respectively.

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  1. True, plus it would be amazing to see them fit all that RAM in a phone. But I’d kinda hope they’d have that for the Pixel XL 2 and not the normal Pixel 2, cause, call me cheap if you want, but I ain’t going above $700 for a phone

  2. “To be realistic, Google Pixel 2 may not need 6GB RAM.”

    Please don’t do this. A Ferrari doesn’t “need” all that horsepower. But I want it all. I want 8 freaking GB of RAM in my phone. I want it to handle desktop level applications. Android is totally capable of being a desktop operating system and the hardware is getting us closer with every generation. But this kind of thing keeps my flagship phones from being able to handle much more than shipped on the device. Buy a budget phone if you don’t want top tier specs and leave the complaints of too much power off the flagship devices, please.

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