Xbox Project Scorpio Preorder Page Already Up On Amazon

Xbox Project Scorpio Windows 10Image Source: Microsoft Corporation / YouTube video (screenshot)

It will be months before Xbox Project Scorpio will be available for purchase, but Amazon isn’t waiting. The online retailer is tapping into the excitement early by slapping up a preorder page with a release timeframe of “Holiday 2017.” Don’t get too excited though, as you can’t actually preorder the console, or at least note quite yet.

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The preorder page looks a lot like the one that showed up on Microsoft’s online store recently, except with the addition of typical Amazon wording such as the statement about Xbox Project Scorpio currently being unable and not knowing “when or if this item will be back in stock.” Shoppers can also sign up for Amazon to email them when the console becomes available.

The preorder page doesn’t contain any details we don’t already. In addition to the promotional video, the preorder page describes the console as “the most powerful console ever, with 6 teraflops of graphical processing power.” The page also describes Xbox Project Scorpio as “the first and only console to enable true 4K gaming and hi-fidelity VR.”

More details about Xbox Project Scorpio coming tomorrow

Gamers who just can’t wait to hear more about Microsoft’s next major gaming console won’t have too long to wait until more details about it are spilled. The folks at Digital Foundry and Eurogamer apparently have some new information to share, and they tweeted their plans for an exclusive unveiling tomorrow morning:

It’s unclear exactly what kind of exclusive new details will be shared tomorrow, but it sounds like Microsoft could finally be ready to share Xbox Project Scorpio’s specs. The company has confirmed that Eurogamer and Digital Foundry have an exclusive on the console’s unveiling for tomorrow. The way all of this is going down is a bit unusual, given that major tech firms typically like to handle their big reveals all on their own without third parties so that they can control the entire show.

The console is expected to offer frame rates of 60 frames per second and offer support for virtual reality. We already know that Xbox Project Scorpio should outperform the PlayStation 4 Pro, given that Microsoft has said it will feature 6 teraflops of power versus the PS4 Pro’s 4.2 teraflops. Scorpio will also feature an eight-core CPU.

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