Toughness: Galaxy S8 Vs iPhone 7 Drop Test Seen On Video

Toughness: Galaxy S8 Vs iPhone 7 Drop Test Seen On Video
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Imagine this, somewhere in an alternate reality, the Galaxy S8, not yet released. And the gorgeous looking (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 go head-to-head literally in a 5-feet drop test. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? These two devices are and will be among the most expensive on the market, however, today, we can bring you the results of that test. One which actually took place for real, not in an alternate reality where price means nothing, but in ours, where, the cost is everything.

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Galaxy S8 Vs iPhone 7 Drop Test

Now, before you turn away in disgust, this kind of testing is undertaken every year. And it’s not just something which happens on streets by those who have more money than sense. It, in fact, has a real purpose beyond showing off or gaining YouTube views. Manufacturers often submit their products to durability testing before announcing them to the public. Often, this approach is the only way to test if a combination of materials will stand up to everyday use.

The Test In Question

While manufacturers like Apple and Samsung use technologically advanced machinery to test their products. The average YouTube video maker has nothing more than their hands and the handset. As for the approach undertaken in the below video, TechRax has at least attempted to go about it in a scientific manner. Both the Galaxy S8 and gorgeous (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 were dropped from 5-feet. Additionally, each one had zero protection, meaning they were as when their creator first manufactured them.

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Furthermore, the test conducted placed them face down, meaning that gorgeous 5.8-inch Super AMOLED on the S8 was going to take a hit. As was the older technologically IPS Lcd on the iPhone. Finally, the impact site was a concrete path on the video makers driveway, which is “A” typical for YouTube Drop Test videos. But, what about the result?

Galaxy S8 Vs iPhone 7 Drop Test Result

Before we share with you the results, it’s worth noting that: No smartphones were irrevocably harmed during the testing and making of this drop test…

Moving on to the what happened, Placed in hand, face down, and dropped from 5-feet the iPhone 7 came out with a few knocks. The most severe damage being a cracked, but still functional display. As for the Galaxy S8, it too was placed face down in the tester’s hand and dropped from the exact same height. However, upon releasing the handset, it spins in mid-air as if to protect its Super AMOLED from damage.

This was probably due to some components being affected by the force of gravity and being pulled in that direction? However, the result was an uncracked display and minor scuffs to the edge and rear of the handset. Which also means, the Galaxy S8 wins this limited but enlightening drop test. Proving as far as driveway concrete is concerned, it can take more punishment than the iPhone.

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