The first two parts of this series presented the economic tidal wave that is approaching us and explained how and why we have never been less prepared economically or socially for such a cataclysm. Part III detailed how the economic destruction being wrought upon is deliberate – perpetrated by the banking crime syndicate and condoned by our puppet governments.

The third installment also explained how our governments are preparing for what lies ahead. These corrupt regimes (led by the United States) have fabricated their “War on Terror” as a pretext for imposing police states upon us. Many (most?) readers may not recognize these despotic governments as police states, despite the long litany of rights which have already been stripped from us.

Puppet Masters
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Puppet Masters

Our right to privacy. Our rights against various forms of unreasonable searches and seizures. Our right against arbitrary imprisonment. Etc., etc.

Many members of our society have become so deluded by propaganda that they no longer even comprehend the outrageous level of infringement of our rights – derived from various crime-and-punishment crusades from our governments. The mantra of the brainwashed is that “innocent people” don’t have to worry about their privacy being violated, or being subjected to unreasonable search/seizure.

This totally misses the point. Back when our societies observed the Rule of Law, we understood that we had to protect the rights of all members of society. The reason was simple: if we allow our governments to take away some of the rights from all members of society, or all of the rights of some members of society, we instantly descend down the proverbial “slippery slope”.

The War on Terror – a concoction of false-flag attacks and propaganda – is the epitome of that slippery slope. Every year the governments of the Corrupt West trim away more of our rights, for our “security” or to “fight the terrorists”. Where is the progress from 16 years of war? Where is the progress from 16 years of whittling away our rights?

There is none. Remember what puppet George Bush Jr. told us when he began this war for his Masters?

“We’re fighting the terrorists over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.”

Now we’re (supposedly) “fighting them over here”. Where is the admission of failure? Where is the accountability?

There is none. Where is a new strategy, acknowledging that 15 years of “fighting them over there” has gotten us less than nowhere?

After being defeated by the Taliban in Afghanistan, the U.S. government has essentially made peace with the Taliban. If that works for Afghanistan, why can’t it work everywhere? It could, except no peace agreement could be contrived to prevent more false flag attacks carried out by these puppet regimes.

We know who the puppets are. We know what they are doing to us and, to some extent, why: to please their Masters. The Puppet Masters. Who are the Puppet Masters ?

They are the owner-operators of the banking crime syndicate, the ultimate manifestation of organized crime . Dubbed “the One Bank” , computer modeling carried out by a trio of Swiss researchers estimates that this banking crime syndicate controls roughly 40% of the global economy. The Puppet Masters who run this crime syndicate are the ultimate Don’s of organized crime.

You won’t find them in our “history books”. The Puppet Masters have already sterilized our textbooks, with their own narrative which is loosely based upon actual events. But the evidence of the Puppet Masters and their crimes still exists – in historical publications which never make it into classrooms. Contemporary sources have done this research, such as Bill Still, in his superb documentary The Money Masters.

Rothschild. Rockefeller. According to Still’s research, J.P. Morgan himself was nothing more than a Rothschild lieutenant.

There are also historical sources which point to the long history of this banking crime syndicate. One hundred years ago, two-term Republican Congressman and career prosecutor, Charles Lindbergh Sr. wrote about these criminals. In The Economic Pinch , he referred to them as “the Profiteers”. Even in his own era, Lindbergh insisted that they had already controlled the U.S. government for decades.

It is these Profiteers, these bankers, who are ultimately responsible for first sabotaging and then eradicating our gold standard. Why? One of their most-trusted Stooges explained this – before he became a lackey for the Profiteers himself.

In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation.

Alan Greenspan , 1966

Who creates “inflation”? The bankers. Who pockets the savings which are “confiscated” (i.e. stolen) from ordinary people? The bankers.

The banking crime syndicate corrupted our Honest Money economies and then deprived us of our Honest Money because it was (and is) the easiest way to steal all of our wealth – over time. In a little over a century that the Federal Reserve has been “protecting” the U.S. Dollar, it has lost 99% of its value to “inflation”. Who has pocketed all of the real wealth out of that paper? The bankers.

Who has been pocketing all of the real wealth out of all of the Corrupt West’s paper currencies? The bankers. It’s a good “business”: being legally allowed to steal. Compared to the One Bank, the Mafia is a collection of small-time amateurs.

The Puppet Masters’ mode of stealing is also their Achilles Heel. Their empire of crime is a paper empire. They chose an empire of paper instead of an empire of real wealth and hard assets because it’s much easier to lie, cheat, and steal with paper.

True, these Puppet Masters also possess large hoards of real assets: real estate, collectibles of every kind, jewelry, and even gold. However, stacked up against the mountains of paper which the banking crime syndicate calls “wealth”, their hard assets are no more than 1 or 2%.

They do everything in their power to force us to use their paper (and now their digital “paper”) because it’s only when we allow our wealth to be converted to paper that it becomes easy for the Puppet Masters to steal that wealth. This is the Secret of Wealth Preservation which has already been learned by many holders of precious metals.

The bankers can’t perpetrate their inflate-and-confiscate racket with gold and silver. Indeed, the (nominal) prices of gold and silver are supposed to automatically rise at the rate at which the bankers inflate-and-confiscate. This is one of the properties of gold and silver – as monetary metals .

This is the principle reason why the bankers perpetually suppress the price of gold and (especially) silver: to hide their financial crimes. Gold and silver are our monetary “canaries in a coal mine”. The bankers have killed the canaries.

They also suppress the price of these metals to diminish their value in the eyes of most of our brainwashed populations. Gold and silver have preserved their wealth over thousands of years. For a thousand years, paper currencies have always gone to zero. But the Sheep are convinced to trust U.S. Dollars, and be suspicious of gold.

Precious metals are our economic lifeboat . But that’s not enough.

We are

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