Quiz – Guess The Website By Color

” Over the past handful decades many inventions have come and gone, but ultimately the greatest has grown at an exponential rate, that of course being the Internet. This (ridicules) growth rate has led to a tremendous number of websites all competing for your precious time on the web. In this fight for your attention the internet has adopted many trends and techniques over the years, from jazzy flash animations to parallax scrolling, but one thing that has remained consistent is the use of clear cut colour schemes. In a bid invoke an emotional response, embed themselves into your subconscious and ultimately make their brand stand out from the crowd. Take Google for instance, the plain white background with colorful logo often swapped out for Googles signature Google doodle’s is arguably one of the simplest yet most memorable pages on the web. Or perhaps you’re more a social media fan with that signature Facebook and twitter blues, aiming to offer a calming emotional response, so you feel a bit relieved every time you come back.

What you might be even more surprised to discover is exactly how many of these colours you can remember without even thinking about it. Well the quiz below was designed to show exactly that. By examining three colours from a given site you can see exactly how much of the web you can remember (at least a tiny portion of it).

So, take the quick test and let us know how well you really know your YouTube reds form your Facebook blues.”

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