Rocket League Coming To Nintendo Switch? Psyonix Still In ‘Evaluation Phase’

Rocket League Coming To Nintendo Switch? Psyonix Still In ‘Evaluation Phase’
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Nintendo Switch has been selling incredibly well since its release about a month ago. The Japanese company sold nearly 1.5 million Switch units in the first week of launch. According to GameStop, the console will continue to face supply shortages through this year despite Nintendo ramping up production. Many gaming enthusiasts who have already gotten their hands on Nintendo Switch are looking forward to the Rocket League. Will the game arrive on Switch?

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Rocket League developer evaluating all the factors

Rocket League is one of the most popular gaming titles. The rocket-powered soccer game has crossed 29 million downloads across different platforms since its launch in 2015. Psyonix Studios VP Jeremy Dunham told IGN that the developer was still “evaluating” the possibility of bringing Rocket League to Nintendo Switch, along with a variety of other factors such as technical limitations and the community demand.

Dunham said since Psyonix was still in the “evaluation phase,” it is too early to say that it would arrive on Nintendo Switch. The developer is trying to assess how it would “benefit the community as a whole.” The final decision would be taken based on the company’s community-focused philosophy. Fortunately, Nintendo Switch is barely one month old. It means Psyonix has sufficient time to see how the console performs and what the audience wants.

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Rocket League is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, OS X, and Linux. Psyonix has said that it has no plans to release a Rocket League sequel anytime soon. Instead, the company is focused on further enhancing the gaming experience with frequent free and paid updates. Last week, the soccer game received a free new mode called Dropshot where you have to break through the floor in your opponent’s half of the field.

Rocket League was the most downloaded game on PlayStation 4 last year. Its immense popularity has also led to frequent server outages that keep gamers waiting to join multiplayer games. Fortunately, Psyonix has confirmed that changes were in the pipeline to fix the outages.

Nintendo Switch gets minor software update

Nintendo has pushed out a new software update to the Switch. The latest update, version 2.1.0, brings system stability improvements to enhance the user experience. The console should automatically download the update in the background. If you want to do it manually, go to System Settings > Settings > System Update.

Reddit user Handsome Costanza has discovered that certain Nintendo Switch games allow you to hold the device vertically. Polygon says it represents a whole range of possibilities for the portrait mode games coming to Nintendo Switch in the near future. Other users in the Reddit thread added that all the Neo Geo titles on Switch offer this feature. The vertical Switch configuration could support the dual-screen layout of Nintendo’s DS and 3DS.

Switch is Nintendo’s fastest-selling console

The Japanese company recently said that Nintendo Switch was its fastest-selling console ever. Its claims were further supported by GameStop chief operating officer Tony Bartel. During GameStop’s earnings call, Bartel said demand for the Switch was still “incredibly strong.” Every time a GameStop store received a restock, the consoles were sold out within hours, claimed Bartel.

It shows that demand for the Switch hasn’t yet slowed down. Bartel predicts the Nintendo Switch would continue to face supply shortages throughout 2017. GameStop believes the new console is on its way to beat the original Wii sales in the long run. It has already exceeded the initial Wii sales, with 1.5 million Nintendo Switch units sold in the first week of release. The Switch just needs to maintain the momentum.

The hybrid console is currently available only at select retailers such as Argos and Toys R Us. Many others have listed the product as “out of stock” or “pre-order.” Recent reports indicate that Nintendo is planning to double the production from eight million to 16 million units starting next month. Despite increased production, GameStop says Nintendo will be “chasing supply” throughout 2017.

Tony Bartel also pointed out that there was an insanely high attach rate between Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. According to Superdata, a staggering 89% of people who bought Nintendo Switch also purchased the latest version of The Legend of Zelda. It means nearly nine out of ten Switch owners purchased the game.

Modder makes custom Nintendo Switch dock

Meanwhile, a modder thought the Nintendo Switch’s dock wasn’t good enough for him, so he took a broken Nintendo 64 and turned it into a functioning Switch dock. The modded console also features USB ports on the front. However, YouTube user Tettzan Zone‘s setup doesn’t allow you to attach the Joy-Cons to the Switch when docked.

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