iPhone 8 Is Causing OLED Headaches For Other Brands, Not Samsung

iPhone 8 Is Causing OLED Headaches For Other Brands, Not Samsung
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September is the month in which crisp, clear days and the fall officially begin. However, in the mobile technology calendar, it’s also the month that Apple traditionally announces a new iPhone. And this year according to rumor will be the same, except that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the device. Yes, it’s 10-years since the first revolutionary handset changed the world. As such, this year’s iPhone 8, will apparently set the world alight with a new suite of technologies which includes an OLED display.

Why an iPhone 8 with OLED?

In answer to the above question, there is no official answer or proof that this technology will feature. But, Apple in recent times has found itself in the position of not being able to innovate technologically. One example of this was seen in the design of its iPhone 6 and 7 devices, with them remaining relatively the same across a range of handsets. As such it’s been on the receiving end of criticism from fans and reviewers, so this could be a reason.

Additionally, iPhone sales have been in decline for some time. There’s no doubt, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have managed to sell well. However, compared to historical sales figures the number is still down. Now, as you can imagine, a company’s priority is to its bottom-line or more accurately its shareholders. So, a reversal of this downturn is a task it must complete.

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As you can see, technological innovation is a must for the iPhone 8. It’s something that will push Apple to incorporate new tech like OLED panels. However, another driver could be the anniversary, but we expect financial pressures to have a bigger say.

OLED Technology

According to rumors coming from Apple’s own supply chain the use of OLED panels in the iPhone 8 is a real consideration for the company. Why? Becuase it no longer wishes to lag behind the likes of Samsung. It would rather seize the opportunity to gain some ground on the Korean manufacturer which is recovering from a terrible 2016.

As for the tech, it’s much sought after by producers the world over because of its superior properties to other display techniques. OLED panels are known to have better contrast, deeper blacks, and improved energy efficiency when compared to IPS LCD panels. In fact, these are but a few of the reasons other handset manufacturers also want to use them.

Supply Headaches

As manufacturers move away from older display technologies, it seems as thought the go-to solution for 2017 is OLED. With companies such as HTC, Huawei, Oppo, LG, Google, and of course Apple and Samsung all wanting the tech. However, of the brands mentioned only two have the capacity to produce their own, They are Samsung and LG, but, according to rumors worldwide supply is short. Right now, publications like the Ditigimes are reporting that Samsung commands the Lion’s share of production somewhere around 70%. But, considering it’s set to release the Galaxy S8 soon, the majority of its stockpile is reserved for its needs.

However, a report suggested that Apple has struck a deal with Samsung to acquire up to 14% of what’s available. Meaning, that while Samsung and Apple will launch handsets with the latest display tech, other companies will struggle. One manufacturer with issues is Huawei; it apparently has not been able to guarantee a supply that matches its requirements.

As for other’s BGR recently stated that both Oppo and the little known Vivo have managed to secure a supply. However, compared Samsung and Apple their requirements are much smaller and easier to accommodate.

Final Thoughts

Whatever the reason behind a possible switch from the outdated iPS LCD to OLED. Apple’s legions of followers will be ecstatic if this major upgrade becomes a reality. In fact, if the rumor mill is accurate with just 50% of what is doing the rounds, Apple will inevitably turn its iPhone sales around. As such the 6-month that’s ahead is going to be a long one filled with rumors and leaks to digest.

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