This Facebook App Keeps Your Friends Waiting For Your Messages Forever

This Facebook App Keeps Your Friends Waiting For Your Messages Forever
Screenshot Source: <em><a href="" target="_blank">Stupid Hackathon</a></em>

If you ask users of the Messenger Facebook App what their pet peeve is, many say how long it takes for friends/family to reply. The reason: Often, the passage of time slows for those who watch the typing indicator move around and patience can wear thin. It can sometimes seem as if a whole essay is in the works when a quick reply is required. Now, if you’re the type that feels like a little payback is in order, there is an App called Godotify that can give you just that!

Godotify the Facebook App

Created for use on the Mac and Windows Godotify is a fun way to troll your friends and family. Seriously, it’s not harmful it will just make them wait much longer than is required for your messages. In fact, the way this Facebook App works is simple, if someone opens a chat with you. It will show that you’re always typing when you’re not!

However, that’s not where the revengeful fun ends. As the app will also keep a count of how long a friend/family member has been waiting for your message. Additionally, it will inform you with an alert when anyone else tries to contact you via Facebook Messenger. To keep this Facebook App fun in full swing, all you have to do is make sure it’s running. And then sit back and enjoy frustrating the hell out of those who have previously done the same to you!

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Downsides of using the App

Technically, there are no negatives to using this tool. However, possible downsides could be that if you use it too much, friends may cease trying to contact you. Alternatively, there’s the chance of an irate friend or family member overreacting to your revenge. At which point you could come clean, it may help foster faster Facebook App communication in the future!

While some have pointed towards this app being similar in nature to the iMessage prank Text in Progress, it’s not. It, in fact, takes the joke a step further by simulating that you’re typing rather than just using animated Gifs.

As for who came up with this fun but slightly twisted idea, that honor belongs to Anastasis Germanidis and Iain Nash. They developed this revenge app at the aptly named Stupid Hackathon. An event which sees’s developers tasked with coming up with ideas that have no use at all!

Now, if this Facebook App sounds like something you can make use of, you can get the Mac version here. However, if you’re a Windows user, your version is available here.

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