Concept Cars De-Badged

Do you think you know all there is to know about concept cars? Are you up for a challenge that will test your concept car knowledge? Select Car Leasing love car related quizzes. Not only do we think they’re great fun, we also love to challenge the most knowledgeable motoring enthusiasts.

Concept Cars

This quiz is all about concept cars and will challenge even for the most knowledgeable of motoring enthusiasts. We’ve simply taken a concept car and removed the badges. Can you guess which car manufacturer is behind each of these cars?

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The quiz will not only test your concept car recognition skills, should you get an answer wrong we’ll give you the correct one so that you can increase your knowledge even further, and if you really are a motoring enthusiasts you’ll love gleaning and gaining as much information as you can about concept cars. Our quiz won’t take you long to complete, it’s perfect for a quick burst of ‘must-have’ kudos and the all important concept car facts you thrive on!
Keeping with tradition, we believe we’ve devised our toughest quiz to date, Concept Cars De-Badged. So, if you think you know more than any other petrol head have a go at our quiz and test your car recognition, with the badges taken off!