Askborg Tech Deals: Car ChargeDrive, ChargeCube 5200mAh Powerbank, USB Cable with Lightning Connector

It’s the beginning what we what hope will be a wonderful new week full of exciting tech reveals and news. As such, today we’re going to introduce you to Askborg the technology accessories company which was formed just last year. Its primary mission is to create solutions for mobile devices which fit seamlessly into your life. Meaning, you can stay charged and connected wherever you are. The following are three tech deals for which Askborg is offering Valuewalk readers a substantive discount, read on to find out more.

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Askborg Tech Deals

Now you’re probably asking yourself “What’s the story behind Askborg?” We can’t pretend to know an awful lot about the company; however, we can say it was set up with an ex Anker employee. As you may know, Anker is one of the premier mobile accessories manufacturers in the world with products ranging from power banks, cables, wireless chargers and more. So, there’s no doubt that Askborg and its founder have similar aspirations to one day be at the top. As for the tech deals on offer today they are as follows:

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ChargeDrive with Lightning Connector and Android Compatible USB (MFI Certified)

First off on our Askborg tech deals introduction is the ChargeDrive, not only will this keep you in power. But, also, it will last, due to its strong build quality. However, it’s not just an Apple MFI certified charger; it also has a built-in USB connection meaning Android devices can also benefit.

Features include:

  • One integrated cable with Lightning Adapter. Plus an additional USB socket allows you to charge another device at the same time
  • Charge both Android and Apple devices while you are on the move
  • Certified by RoHS, CE & FCC; High quality fire proof material; No radio loss in your car or effect to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices
  • Warranty included
  • Weight 36-grams

ChargeDrive with Lightning Connector and Android Compatible USB is usually $12.99. However, if you use the code VALUEWLK at the checkout it will cost $8.44, so you save 35%

tech deals askborg chargecube
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ChargeCube 5200mAh Powerbank

Next up we have a small and solidly manufactured charging device, which can recognize the amps required by a connected device. This, in turn, helps ChrageCube to power the device at an optimal and safe rate. Removing both an excessive waste of time any the chance of overheating. In tests done by the manufacturer is has been proven to speed up the charging time of iPhones (specific device not known) by up to 50%.

The device also features a micro-USB cable for self-charging, which can also be used to charge other compatible products.

Features include:

  • Small and Compact: ChargeCube measures 3.9 x 2 x 1in and fits into any pocket with ease
  • Add two charges to an iPhone 6 or 5s, at least one full charge to a 6 Plus, Galaxy S5, Note 4, Nexus 5 and other smartphones, or even an 80% charge to an iPad mini
  • 5200mAh powerbank included
  • Warranty included
  • Weight 4.96 ounces

ChargeCube 5200mAh Powerbank is usually $11.99. However, if you use the code WALK5200 at the checkout it will cost $9.59, so you save 20%

tech deals askborg chargetube

1m Nylon Braided USB Cable with Lightning Connector

Last up on our Askborg tech deals list is an MFI Certified cable which offers the durability that Apple’s cables do not. We’ve often suggested to our readers that they choose third-party products if they want something that will last more than 12-months. And again, this cable is manufactured to a standard higher than the official accessories are.

As such, if you’ve found yourself often replacing your official lightning cable, or purchasing cheap low-quality products. This Nylon braided cable will save you money in the long-term.

Features include:

  • Charge and sync your compatible Apple devices with speed and style
  • The Nylon braided design provides increased durability and a longer lifespan than standard USB or Lightning cables
  • Apple MFi Certified: Each cable contains a unique, verified serial number and an authorization chip issued by Apple to ensure 100% compatibility with any Lightning device
  • 3.3ft / 1m gives you with the freedom of mobility you deserve
  • Warranty included

1m Nylon Braided USB Cable with Lightning Connector is usually $9.99. However, if you use the code VALUEWLK at the checkout it will cost $6.49, so you save 35%

So there you have them, three Askborg products that will either keep you charged and on the go. Or provide you with much-needed durability and connectivity. We hope you like what you see, and take advantage of the money off codes provided.