The Strangest Business Ideas Which Have Gone On To Be Successful [Infographic]

Strangest Business Ideas ever! There’s no doubting that the world is brim full with more weird  and wonderful business ideas the ever before.

And whether you’ve been walking down the high street or shopping online, we’ve all passed our fair share of products and services which make you think, “How on earth is that successful?”

While there is no one answer to this, one of the more popular channels of funding these days tends to be crowdfunding.

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You only have to take a look at this post from Business News Daily to find a few perfect examples of this.

This article presents list a of strange Kickstarter campaigns which somehow got successfully funded!

While they might not seem so odd now, some of the world’s most successful business ventures in recent history were probably once thought of as strange or ridiculous.

A brilliant list of examples has been put together in an infographic from

It’s called ‘The Strangest Business Ideas Which Have Gone On To Be Successful’ and you can take a look at it for yourself below.

This infographic has a great range of success stories, from products and services you will either own or use, to ones you may not have even heard of.

One perfect example is the Slinky. A spring is certainly not the most appealing item to a child, however, it went on to become extremely successful

Another in this infographic is the Slanket, which perfectly fills that ever present void of ‘things we never knew we needed’.

Incredibly simple in its conception, inventor Gary Clegg simps wanted a sleeve on a blanket which would enable him to stay warm and us the TV remote. It is now a multi-million dollar success.

To read more about these brilliant but very strange inventions as well as plenty more, take a look at the infographic below.

The Strangest Business Ideas Which Have Gone On To Be Successful

Strangest Business Ideas