PlayStation 4 Pro Support Coming To ‘Rocket League’ Next Week

PlayStation 4 Pro Support Coming To ‘Rocket League’ Next Week
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The highly popular vehicular soccer game Rocket League is going to get PlayStation 4 Pro support next week. In a blog post on Tuesday, Psyonix announced that an upcoming update would allow Rocket League to run at 1080p on PS4 and 4K on PS4 Pro at 60 frames per second in every arena for single and two-player split-screen games.

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Psyonix to update Rocket League on Feb.21

The developer added that in three and four-player modes, gamers should be able to hit 60fps at the same resolutions. However, Psyonix didn’t guarantee those frame rates in all arenas. The upcoming update will also include many other features such as a fan-voted Players’ Choice Crate with many of the community’s favorite items. It will also have Hot Wheels-themed post-match item drops, and Hot Wheels premium DLC cars along with bug fixes and performance improvements.

There is still a large number of titles that haven’t been patched to take full advantage of the PlayStation 4 Pro’s capabilities. Sony is bringing a new Boost Mode with firmware update 4.50 to speed up unpatched games that were released before the PS4 Pro. Experts at Digital Foundry tested the beta version of firmware update 4.50 to find out how Boost Mode impacts the performance of different games on PS4 Pro.

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Boost Mode gives unpatched games a noticeable improvement

Digital Foundry found that the performance boost varies depending on the game being played. Some games showed up to 38% performance jump (in terms of fps) while others saw only a decent 14% boost. They found that more GPU-intensive titles saw a better improvement. Boost Mode certainly gives a noticeable improvement, but it still can’t match the experience offered by games that developed have patched to support PlayStation 4 Pro in all its glory.

Firmware update 4.50 is still in beta, and it is unclear when Sony would roll it out to the public. It would bring many other improvements besides Boost Mode. The update would add support for external hard drives of up to 8TB, allowing users to install games directly on the external drive. It offers custom wallpapers, a simplified notification list, and a refreshed quick menu.

Modder turns PlayStation 4 Pro into a laptop

Last week, popular modder Edward Zarick turned a PlayStation 4 Pro into a portable laptop. Named PlayBook 4 Pro, the laptop features a 24-inch 1080p display and an Android touchscreen on which you can use the PS4 app. Zarick admits that it is not as portable as the PlayBook 4 Slim. However, the PlayBook 4 Pro is not available for sale. Zarick made it as a commission for someone. If you want, you can buy his PlayBook 4 Slim for $1,495.

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