Moving Towards Paperlite And Environmental Sustainability [INFOGRAPHIC]

Moving Towards Paperlite And Environmental Sustainability [INFOGRAPHIC]

The arrival of advanced technologies has allowed industries to adopt the approach to what is now called a “paperlite office”. Aside from making a company more efficient and save cost in terms of storing and filing, it also enables companies to lessen their environmental footprint, resulting in a more socially and environmentally responsible organization.

One of the primary benefits of going paperlite is the significant cost-saving in paper usage. Using less paper means that business also avoids the cost for other paper related items, such as printers, inks, steel filing cabinets, and other office supplies. Using digital copies can also save the company from the hefty cost of maintaining the condition of documents since it is not vulnerable to any physical damage from molds, insects, and chemicals.

Furthermore, going paperlite has an immense effect on the overall productivity of the organization. Because paper documents and files need to be physically present in the company’s premise, employees do not have to commit extra-long hours just to organize documents. With documents saved digitally on the corporate database, what employees should only do is to conduct a quick search on the system to find the file they wish to work with.

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Still, a lot of companies and industries that still rely on a paper-based approach for their operations. Small companies, especially, are yet to prepare for the cost necessary in moving all their paper documents into a digital database. Internal complexities, such as company culture and lack of information among employees might also inhibit a company to adopt the paperlite concept in their operations.

If you believe that the paperless strategy can be a beneficial transition for your company and its processes, check out this infographic courtesy of Law in Order explaining how business and legal industry can successfully implement and function accordingly  towards this paper-lite strategy.

Moving Towards Paperlite And Environmental Sustainability

Moving Towards Paperlite And Environmental Sustainability

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