iPhone 8 Will Be Made Of Steel And Shatterproof Glass [RUMOR]

iPhone 8 Will Be Made Of Steel And Shatterproof Glass [RUMOR]

Whatever rumors you’ve read or heard about the iPhone 8, you can be assured (almost) of one thing! And that’s Apple can’t afford to stand still and watch the likes of Samsung and Google pass it by during 2017. Why? Well, you know it’s the iPhones 10th anniversary, and sales of its biggest money earner have been steadily declining. These two reasons should help spur on the company and enable it to create the steel, and shatterproof glass design everyone expects.

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iPhone 8 made from Glass and Steel

So working on the premise that Apple will indeed provide its legions of fans with something entirely new come September*. Could the handset really include material that was last seen on the iPhone 4 back in 2010?

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The DigiTimes is of the opinion Apple will do this, which involves creating a handset with a glass front-and-back with a steel band. However, should we really believe that material from 7-years ago could be used in something described as revolutionary? You have to remember the iPhone 4 made use of its Steel in the form of a band. Repeating this certainly couldn’t be described as revolutionary!

However, due to the strength of the material, it made the 4 one of, if not the hardiest iPhone ever. So, including it in 2017’s iPhone 8 may serve a purpose including, but other than durability.

Moving on to glass it is widely accepted that Apple will use a shatterproof variation. However, exactly how reliable this will be is a matter of interest. Because previous iterations of the iPhone have used the material to not such a great effect. Yes, shattering no more, but the drop of an expensive device still meant screens would crack and become unusable. Perhaps the only gain was that no mopping up of glass was required!

Screen Size

Over the past few weeks, we have been reporting that the iPhone 8 could have a display as big as 5.8-inches. However, of late, a new rumor has begun to persist which has the handset featuring a 5.1-5.2 panel. Again, initially reported by The DigiTimes the rumor is almost identical to previous and includes the OLED panel replacing LCD. However, due to a reorganization of internal components, a smaller display with almost the same specs is included.

Edge to Edge Display

Like the majority of smartphone brands, the holy grail for Apple is the creation of an edge-to-edge iPhone 8. And this is something that’s widely accepted as a must by consumers/critics alike. However, such a move by the company spurred other rumors into existence such as the home button being moved. And Touch ID being something that the display as a whole would become!

Other rumors include a much-needed update to the flagging Siri, wireless charging and the possibility of an iPhone 8 Plus. A handset which could have a dual-camera sensor on the rear, a technology that Apple may not include on the iPhone 8.

And finally, there’s the talk about how a revolutionary 1oth anniversary iPhone 8 could cost US consumers $1000 or more! As always, we will keep our eyes open for new updates. And report them asap, in the meantime, if you would like to share your thoughts. Please do so using the comments section below.

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