GTA 6 Launch Date: Game May Not Arrive Until 2018 Or Even Later

GTA 6 Launch Date: Game May Not Arrive Until 2018 Or Even Later
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If you’re looking for a franchise that has shaped the gaming world and created a genre, you should go no further than Grand Theft Auto. Created by Rockstar Games the first and subsequent follow-ups, like GTA 5 broke records and amassed fans all over the world. However, it’s now been 4-years since the 5th installment launched and fans are starting to become concerned. So, when should you expect to see GTA 6?

GTA 6 after RDR 2?

According to various rumors and reports, Rockstar Games and its legion of followers may have fallen victim to success! What do we mean by this? While most developers have one huge title followed by a slew of others that do quite well. Rockstar is in the awkward position of having two huge games. And it’s due to the success of GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption that resources at the company may be tight.

Now, you should probably take this with a pinch of salt. But the rumor mill suggests GTA 5 and its online multiplayer feature have done so well that replication is inevitable. Meaning that for future games like RDR 2 Rockstar is diverting resources to emulate GTA 5’s multiplayer offering.

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Ripple Effects

If Rockstar is working on an online multiplayer offering for RDR 2 due for launch soon after the game itself. It is likely that the company has had to halt/slow down production on GTA 6 to enable it to commit resources. However, early indications point towards a late 2017 launch for RDR 2, which could free up resources! Yes, it may hold resources for teething problems, but if all goes well GTA 6 may get back on track.

Possible GTA 6 Launch Date

As you know Rockstar Games has said nothing officially about how far along work on GTA 6 is. So, being able to give an accurate launch date for the title is near to impossible. However, that has not prevented those who dare from speculating. Some suggest we could see a 2018 release.

But, how would that be possible considering 2017 may see RDR 2, and it’s online multiplayer launch? Rockstar will certainly have to devote resources to making sure it rolls out smoothly. This would mean 2018 could be dedicated to getting things right before moving on to GTA 6.

So, with 2018 out of the way, what about 2019? While more likely than the previous year, could Rockstar develop the game and its online multiplayer offering in 12-18 months? It is possible. However, we think 2020 is more than likely, yes it’s far off, but surely getting it right is important!

Game Speculation

While some of the rumor mill is focussed on when the game will see the light of day, others have broader horizons. Instead, preferring to talk about where the game will be set and if there will be a female protagonist.

Having reported on this last week, we’re sorry to say nothing has changed! Rumor still points towards Eva Mendez as providing the voice of a new female character. Apparently, she has started work although, she’s not alone, as real world, husband Ryan Gosling is said to be also working on GTA 6.

As for where the game will be set, there seems to be two front runners. One being Vice City which featured in the GTA 3 Trilogy alongside Liberty City and San Andreas. Although yet to be featured in its own stand alone title. Secondly, there’s the British capital London for which Rockstar’s co-founder, Dan Houser has previously shown some interest. However, no official indication as to which one has the upper hand is apparent.

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