Time For More Private Governance?

Time For More Private Governance?

We’ve lived through another election season, and as with every election year, the candidates competed to tell us about all the ways they were going to use the power of government to make our lives better. Unfortunately, many voters appeared quite sympathetic to the idea that government action can improve living standards and generally make markets work better.

That’s the bad news. But, there are also trends at work right now that are bigger than any single election cycle, and while the candidates this year provided little reason for optimism, the voters themselves may be growing skeptical of just how much the government can solve all their problems.

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Nevertheless, one of the most important things we can do is really explain and understand how markets, and not government intervention, are our best hope for an orderly and prosperous society.

To Change Politics: Public Opinion Must Change

As Ludwig von Mises and Frédéric Bastiat point out, economic pol