Razer’s New Wild Concept: Three-Monitor Project Valerie

Razer’s New Wild Concept: Three-Monitor Project Valerie
Image Credit: Razerzone.com (screenshot)

Razer has a history of introducing ridiculously crazy things at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), many of them never become a reality. For instance, Project Christine turned heads when Razer showcased it at CES 2014, but the modular PC concept has remained just that: a concept. Now the company has come up with a new three-monitor notebook called Project Valerie.

Project Valerie is built on Razer Blade Pro

Razer described Project Valerie as the “first automated triple-display laptop.” It features three 17.3-inch 4K displays and a built-in mechanical keyboard. As soon as the laptop opens, two monitors slide out of the sides of the main one and adjust automatically in place. It’s difficult to say whether this multi-display notebook would ever be released.

Project Valerie is pretty similar to the Razer Blade Pro. It has the same Chroma lighting, the same low-profile mechanical switches, and the same Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080. The concept relies on Nvidia’s G-Sync technology to offer the “smoothest possible framerates and expansive 180-degree Nvidia Surround View gaming.”

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It has the power of a desktop

Project Valerie is thicker and bulkier than Blade Pro. It is 1.5-inch thick, and weighs about 12 pounds. It’s more like a desktop-replacement than a laptop that you would want to take everywhere. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said in a statement that the system has the power of a desktop and graphics capabilities of three high-end monitors.

The company uses the Consumer Electronics Show to test novel ideas and gain global visibility for its other products. Razer said all three displays of Project Valerie could be used independently if you need to get some work done. The company did not reveal its price or release date. Even if Razer chooses to release it later this year, it may cost upward of $4,000, considering the base model of Razer Blade Pro costs $3,700.

Project Valerie may not have a great battery life

Razer did not talk about the machine’s battery life. A higher resolution display drains the battery power rapidly. Considering Project Valerie has not one but three 4K displays, it may not offer a good battery life. The Blade Pro with a single monitor packs a 99WHr battery, the largest allowed on airplanes, and it gets merely 3-4 hours of battery.

PCWorld points out that deploying the three displays would require plenty of space. What if you place it in a narrow compartment and try to deploy the additional display? Razer told PCWorld that users can choose when to deploy them, but there are no safety measures.

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