Expect To Pay More For Nintendo Switch microSD Cards Than For Others


Looks like there will be microSD cards made specifically for the Nintendo Switch, although you don’t necessarily need them. Most microSD cards will do, but it seems that Nintendo wants to turn bigger profits from consumers who don’t realize that this is the case. There is a shred of good news here, however, as it sounds like the Nintendo Switch specialty microSD cards won’t be priced at as much of a premium as was initially reported.

Nintendo Switch cards carry a premium

Nintendo has partnered with microSD card manufacturer HORI to offer 16GB and 32GB memory cards for the console. But there now seems to be confusion about how much the official Switch cards will be priced at. Forbes contributor Paul Tassi initially reported that the 32GB card was priced at around $70 (¥7,900), compared to only $23 (¥2,690) for a high-end 32GB Sandisk SD card.

He later updated his post, saying that HORI’s website lists the 32GB Nintendo Switch SD card at ¥3,758, which costs a little more than a comparable non-Switch card. Amazon.jp has the price listed higher than that, and some third-party sellers of the Switch-branded cards are cutting their prices, although they remain higher than HORI’s price. So for those who insist on having a special Switch microSD card, it’s best to shop around because of the variances in price.

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Players might not even need a microSD card

When the Japanese gaming company revealed the new hybrid gaming device, it said that players wouldn’t need microSD cards made specifically for it. As a result, if you happen to have a spare one lying around, it will work if you need extra storage space on your Switch (or your kid’s Switch). But non-tech savvy parents (or even just casual players who like the occasional Nintendo game) might be convinced that a proprietary Nintendo Switch card is needed and thus will shell out the extra money for one.

Many players probably won’t even need extra storage, however, as the device users cartridges and isn’t heavy on downloads like regular consoles are. These two features should limit the amount of internal storage a player needs. The Nintendo Switch will come with 32GB of storage. Some players are still fond of digital downloads though, and they might use more storage than most.