How To Fix The iOS 10 Text Message App Bug On Your iPhone

message app bug fix url

If you’ve fallen victim to yet another, iOS text message app bug, it’s an experience which unfortunately isn’t new. For the most part, this latest bug and the previous have been propagated by people pranking friends and family. However, if it has happened to you, it really isn’t a laughing matter. So if you’ve received a malicious file on your handset and your messaging app has become unusable, we are here to help.

The message app bug fix

If you are one of the thousands around the world who have opened this file, only to be stung, we’re going to show you that it’s not a major problem and it is something you can fix. Even better, this is a fix that does not require you to understand how the message app bug works. Neither does it require you to have in-depth knowledge of iOS 10; anyone reading this could follow these instructions.

That being said, there are a couple of requirements for this to work, the first being that the affected iPhone must have access to the internet. If it does, you are ready to follow the brief how-to below.

How to fix the Message app bug

Please read and follow the instructions below to the letter. Do not move forward until you have understood the process.

1. Make sure that your iPhone has enough battery power and that your Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection is on.

2. Open the Safari browser on the affected iPhone.

message app bug fix url

3. Input the URL, which will help remove the Message app bug. Enter it where required in Safari and tap Go.

message app bug fix open

4. When the site loads, a message will pop up asking you to “Open this message in Messages.” At this point, you can rest assured that the Message app bug has been removed from your device, so tap Open.

message app bug fix message

5. On completing the above, you will be taken to the messaging app, where you will see a pre-populated message. It reads, “I have just saved your iPhone bro!”

That’s all you need to do to remove the bug so that you can happily use the messaging app again. However, considering that you opened a file which you did not expect to receive, we suggest that you stop tapping on links or opening unexpected files. And when in doubt, even if you had been expecting the delivery of something and even if it’s from someone you trust, ask them before opening or tapping anything.

Have you been affected by this malicious bug or know someone that has? Please share this simple tutorial and help others recover their messages and texting abilities.

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