Argentina’s Hidden Gem

Argentina’s Hidden Gem

Stocks are up. Bonds are down. Apparently, we’re living in a perfect world now.

Wall Street tells us so.

Interest rates are finally going up, as the Street has wanted for several years now. And stock prices won’t stop rising until they reach the moon … maybe the sun. It’s onward and upward, so saddle up, boys. We’re in for a nice ride…

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I don’t, of course, believe any of that.

Anyone who tells you stocks have a lot more room to run higher doesn’t understand the relationship between stock prices and rising interest rates, as I pointed out a few weeks ago. Wall Street these days is an ADD kid without his Ritalin. He can only focus on…

Hey, look a squirrel!

I know that at these valuations, stock prices, empirically, represent far greater risk than they do the potential for reward. History promises that.

It’s why I’ve recommended that readers of my Total Wealth Insider monthly newsletter put stop-loss orders on just about every single position in the portfolio — protection against what is probable … this year.

But there’s another strategy to consider in protecting your wealth: owning hard assets.

I could write for days about the benefits of all the various hard assets I have in mind — gold coins used in trade in the 19th and 20th centuries; rare and historic stamps and books; art; wine; farmland … and more.

The asset I have in mind today, however, is residential real estate — and particularly nondollar-denominated residential real estate. Basically, real estate overseas.

I don’t normally write about direct investing in land ownership anywhere, though as an investor I certainly pay attention to it here at home and in numerous countries I find interesting for various reasons. I’ve recommended real estate only on rare occasions, and this is one of those occasions.

The real estate, in this case, is in northern Argentina. But before I go on, let me assure you that Argentina is a safe place to invest, particularly with the new, market-minded government now in place.

A Hidden Paradise

I was down in northern Argentina’s Salta Province last fall, researching a real estate project