World’s most expensive cities INFOGRAPHIC – You Will Not Guess Number one

This infographic uses data from to show how the cost of living compares in some of the most expensive cities around the world.

In the top section, there’s a dollar-for-dollar comparison of what it would cost a single person to live in each city, assuming they had the same lifestyle (live near the city center, take public transportation, etc). This list is a curated selection of some of the most expensive cities globally, giving you perspective on how costs vary in different parts of the world.

But that only tells part of the story–there’s also a breakdown of how that money is allocated in each city. It’s pretty shocking to see how much of the cost of living is gobbled up by rent in New York and San Francisco. In other cities, the cost of transportation and utilities is a much bigger chunk of overall expenses.

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When looking at the cost of everyday goods, you can see clearly how costs vary from place to place. While rent in San Francisco may be outrageous, $50 for 10 MBPS internet seems pretty reasonable when compared to the $140 that it costs in Bermuda.

Even something as simple as a pint of beer varies from just over $5.00 to $9.00. And a pair of jeans that you’re probably used to buying for $50-60 can cost well over $100 in some parts of the world.

This is an interesting look at how costs vary in cities all around the world. Number one is quite a shocker – see below for data compilation stats

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About the data

This infographic is created with data collected from individual contributors on

The website crowdsources cost-of-living data from people all over the world. Cost figures are based on single-member households living in a 1-bedroom apartment near the city center, using public transit, and eating out at moderate rates. The full scenario can be replicated exactly on Numbeo.

The cost of individual items are calculated as an average as reported by users on Numbeo.