Three Dividend Kings Raising Dividends For 60+ Years

Three Dividend Kings Raising Dividends For 60+ Years
Photo by stevepb (Pixabay)

A dividend king, is a company that has managed to boost dividends to shareholders every single year for at least 50 years in a row. There are 19 dividend kings in the US, which is an increase from the end of 2015, as Tootsie Roll (TR) joined the ranks of this elite list earlier this year. There were only ten dividend kings, when I first intriduced the term in 2010. Being a dividend king is an impressive achievement, because the last 50 years were a pretty turbulent time for business. Being a dividend king is not an automatic buy signal however. I believe that each dividend king should be studied in detail by enterprising dividend investors. This is because these companies have managed to survive the calamities and destruction of the past 50 – 60 years, while growing earnings, dividends and shareholder returns.

Dividend Kings

Over the past week, there were three dividend kings, which raised dividends to their shareholders. Each of these companies has managed to grow dividends per share for at least 60 years in a row. That is an impressive track record. If these dividend streaks were individuals we were talking about, they would have been eligible for Social Security within an year or so each.

The companies include:

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