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Apple Finally Starts Selling Refurbished iPhones

Apple released the iPhone 7 in September and is now officially selling refurbished versions of its previous flagships. Now the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus can be bought at a 15% lower price than the original by opting for refurbished models. The 16GB iPhone 6s is now priced at $449, the 16GB iPhone 6s Plus is at $529 and the 64GB iPhone 6s Plus is at $589, notes Techtimes.

Devices to come with new battery and warranty

All the phones will be unlocked, SIM-free models and will come with a one-year warranty. Three color options will be available: silver, rose gold and space gray. Apple says that though the units are refurbished, all of them will ship with a new battery and outer shell.

In the past, the company has sold refurbished versions of almost all its products — iPods, Macs, MacBooks, iPads, and even the Apple TV. But for the first time since 2007, it is putting refurbished variants of its smartphones up for sale, notes Techtimes.

Why such a decision?

Selling refurbished iPhones is an odd move for Apple as it has only done this once before in 2007. The company generates the most revenue and profits from the sale of the iPhone, and probably for this reason, it always offered the lineup at its full price so that customers are not directed towards buying inexpensive iPhone models.

So why Apple is suddenly selling refurbished iPhones is up for speculation. It seems Apple made this decision to clear out inventory at a faster pace, as it was disappointed with the measly sales figures of the 6s lineup, notes Techtimes. Such a move could also attract users who might not be able to afford an iPhone 7 due to its steep price and hence might be lured to buy Android handsets.

Best to stick with Apple

There could be some customers who might find these sale prices also a bit steep. If so, they can opt for used iPhone models from third-party retailers, which have an exhaustive supply. But these phones come with a considerably greater risk of them being bogus and faulty units that could be defective.

The refurbished phones that Best Buy offers come with a 12-month limited warranty. But what exactly the warranty covers and how someone can get the device serviced are not clear. Gazelle only offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, says Gizmodo. Hence, the best thing to do is stick to Apple for refurbushed iPhones.