AAPL’s New MacBook Pro Have Some Fans Too

AAPL’s New MacBook Pro Have Some Fans Too
Image source: Apple

Apple has finally refreshed its MacBook line of PCs after a very long time. Not much time has passed since the release, but the computer already has won a bunch of fans and disappointed some users too. On Thursday, the company unveiled three new MacBook Pro models, and two of them had the new Touch Bar, a customizable touchscreen strip in lieu of traditional function keys. This has won it many fans from the entertainment industry.

Touch Bar a huge selling point

An individual working in Hollywood allegedly posted a thread on Reddit relaying that many folks within the industry are excited about Apple’s new MacBook Pros. The guy went on to seek the opinion of people on a few production sets about the new PC and said he found that the Touch Bar may prove to be a huge selling point, notes BGR.

The thread reads in part: “I figured I’d ask around the movie and TV sets I am on and see what people think. People are overwhelmingly excited for these computers from every department down. I’m telling you, from set design, to wardrobe, to script supervisors, to casting departments, props, actors, down to 2nd ADs, PAs and extras people are all generally excited to get these new computers.”

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The Reddit thread further says that entertainment industry professionals are very positive on the new Apple PC thanks to the Touch Bar. There is no person who is concerned about the price or the great Microsoft migration, and no one is wishing that there were touchscreen laptops, the post reads.

Not all happy with new Apple MacBook

On Tuesday, Apple executive Phil Schiller highlighted the same point, saying that Apple’s online store “has had more orders for the new MacBook Pro than any other pro notebook before.”

However, not all are fans of the new Apple gadgets. According to CNBC, the founder and CEO of Mystic Labs, a tech consulting company, argued that the number of USB-C ports in the new MacBook Pro is very limited, and for this reason, users are required to constantly look down. This also makes it unfit for power users such as photographers, as it lacks ports like SD card readers. Also it needs a dongle for more precise and heavy-use accessories such as mice and external displays, noted Bram Van Oost, a co-founder of development firm Cloudoki.

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