WhatsApp Video Calling Feature Live For Some Windows Phones

WhatsApp Video Calling Feature Live For Some Windows Phones
Photo by MIH83 (Pixabay)

WhatsApp’s video calling feature is now reportedly available on some smartphones. This was largely expected after voice calls were made available. However, it appears the video calling feature is available only for Windows Phones and surprisingly not on the more popular platforms, Android or iOS.

Video calling for Windows phone

Spanish website OneWindows.es was the first to report about the WhatsApp video calling feature. Now WhatsApp beta users on the Windows Phone are able to make video calls on the popular messaging app. Users are not required to update the app to enjoy this new feature. If you own a Windows Phone but do not see the video calling feature, just try to reinstall the app to see if you have been chosen to try the beta.

Those who have been selected for the beta will find that clicking the call button gives the options for both video and voice calls. During the call, the feature allows a user to flip between the front and rear camera, and one can mute the audio, notes NEWS18. The feature is expected to hit Android and iOS soon, but the timeline is not clear.

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Adding Snapchat-like features

A recent WhatsApp update added several new camera features for the user, reports the Independent. These new features allows a user to add emoji to the images. The update also brings a new way to add a user to group conversations – a much-needed one.

The camera features which were announced before work very similar to Snapchat. The features allow a user to draw a picture, edit it and add emoji.

“Now you can draw or add text and emojis to photos and videos,” the release notes for the iPhone update explain. “You can pick a brush size or font style by dragging left on the color selector. When drawing, you can also pick from special brushes: the pixelate and color remover brushes.”

The pixelate brush allows you to easily obscure a part that you do not wish to make public when sending the picture. The update also allows a group admin to add people just by sharing a link found in the group info page. This makes it simple for the admin to share a group with a set of people, notes the Independent.

Is WhatsApp really secure?

According to Amnesty International, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are the most secure chat platforms. Amnesty gave both chat apps a score of 73 out of 100 the highest score received by any platform. However, the organization specifically applauded WhatsApp for being “the only app that explicitly warns a user when the end-to-end encryption is not applied to a particular chat.”

For Facebook, however, it did have some feedback. The platform does not apply strong encryption by default, and it also does not warn users that they are not using the most secure technology. Of course Facebook has its reasons for doing so, as Messenger chats serve as valuable inputs for advertising.

Despite Amnesty’s recommendation, several technology groups, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, have warned users to be careful before using WhatsApp for sensitive conversations, notes the Independent.

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