Snapchat Most Popular Among Teens, Facebook Drops

Snapchat Most Popular Among Teens, Facebook Drops
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Facebook lags Snapchat when it comes to popularity among teens. According to a new survey by Piper Jaffray, Snapchat continues to rule among teens, leaving behind Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, reports CNBC.

Snapchat more popular than Facebook

Piper Jaffray’s “Taking Stock With Teens” biannual report received 10,000 responses for its fall 2016 edition. The average age of the respondents was 16 years old, and they were asked about restaurants, media and devices, beauty and fashion preferences. About 35% of the respondents said Snapchat was their favorite social media platform, while 80% reported that they used Snapchat at least once a month. In last spring’s survey, Snapchat became the most popular platform among the age group, overtaking Instagram.

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Facebook saw the biggest drop in usage this time. In the survey, only 52% of the teens said they were logging in once per month, while earlier this year, it was 60%. Mostly the rates were dragged down by the youngest survey takers, notes CNBC. The social networking site also declined in popularity from 15% in the spring survey to 13% in the latest survey.

However, the news is not all bad for the social media giant. This year, its photo-sharing app Instagram ramped in usage. During the fall survey, around 79% said that they used Instagram at least once a month, compared to around 74% during the spring survey. During the time frame, it also grew in popularity by 1%.

The survey further showed that among teens, Netflix was the most popular daily video service with 37%, followed by YouTube and cable TV with 26% and 25%, respectively. This was the first time YouTube beat cable TV, said Piper Jaffray.

Facebook lets you stream video to Apple TV and Chromecast

In other Facebook news, the social media giant has added Chromecast and Apple TV support as it wants videos on its platform to be live on a variety of screens. Now when a user watches video on Facebook, they will see a small button on the upper right-hand corner. Tapping the button will allow them to send the video to a supported device hooked up to the television.

For now, the tech giant is starting with Chromecast and Apple TV. The feature is live for iOS users, but the tech giant plans to deliver Chromecast support for Android users as well. By adding streaming support to the live videos, the tech giant is allowing users to watch videos on larger displays, and by doing this, it aims to increase consumption, notes The Verge.

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