Play Pokémon Go If You Want To Live Longer [STUDY]

Play Pokémon Go If You Want To Live Longer [STUDY]
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Pokémon Go is already a very popular mobile game, and now there is another reason to play the game. According to a recent Stanford University-Microsoft study, Pokémon Go players will lead longer and healthier lives.

Leads to longer and healthier lives

The study attempted to quantify the impact of Pokémon Go on physical activity. For this purpose, it studied the effect of the game on physical activity through wearable sensor date and engine logs for 32,000 users over three months. The study found that the players’ physical activity increased significantly because of the game, reports Toucharcade.

An average increase of 1,500 steps a day was seen in the physical activity of very engaged players. This is 25% higher from pre-Pokémon Go activity. The higher physical activity could be seen in people of varying weight, gender, age and prior physical activity. The increase does not come as a surprise, but there is a difference between having the impression that people walked and seeing it in numbers.

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Pokémon Go managed to reach not only already-active populations but even those who didn’t usually exercise, and this was another important effect of the game, says Toucharcade. The study says that such increase in activity could have a “measurable effect on life expectancy.”

Pokémon Go version 1.11 patch update

If this reason is not enough, Pokémon Go’s latest update ready for release could give you one. The latest update brings catch bonuses and improved Gym training. At first, these new features may seem minor, but players will appreciate them as it will become easier for them to catch certain types of Pokémon, and trainers too will get a reason to catch them all, notes iDigitalTimes.

These features will make training in a player’s Team Gym simpler, thus making it easier to strengthen Gym Prestige and gain experience (and coins). Trainers will have a better chance of catching Pokémon of a specific type because of the new catch bonus feature. There will be tiers that will increase the catch rate in Pokémon Go every time a player reaches a new milestone.

As for Gym Training, trainers can enter their Team’s Gym and spar with others. The CP of the Pokémon being stored at the Gym will be adjusted lower depending on the player’s level, and this is the new change. Another change is that the Egg and Incubator Screens will periodically update the distance walked without requiring the trainer to close and reopen the screen.

The update has fixed several audio issues as well and decreased the evolution animation time. Several other minor fixes have been made as well.

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