The Mainstream Media Is Dying And For Good Reason: They ARE Corrupt!

The Mainstream Media Is Dying And For Good Reason: They ARE Corrupt! – Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money

For years, I have been screaming from the rooftop, trying to reach anyone within distance, attempting to wake up the masses of people who find themselves in a media-induced coma. For years, these shouts went largely on deaf ears, reaching a few here and there, but by and large were ignored.

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Mainstream Media

For years, myself and many others like me who preached a similar message have been labeled “kooks”, “conspiracy theorists”, and “alarmists”, but we will be labelled that way no more. A MASSIVE segment of the population has woken up and they are not only mad – they are outright furious.

During this time period, in which I accurately predicted the mainstream media being a culprit and an accomplice leading up to the 2008 crisis, I have pointed out time and time again how the media are actively engaged in MOPE (management of perspective economics) against the masses. You can see examples of this over and over in how they are incredibly negative on the precious metals markets and over-exuberant in regards to the general stock markets.

The mainstream media are by and large cheerleaders for their elite puppet masters and the politicians underneath them. This fact can no longer be denied by anyone as the leaked Wikileaks emails prove , even if the message they are preaching is directly benefiting you in some way, shape, or form.

The reason why the masses have truly woken up is because of the alternative media and those select few within the mainstream that still have a conscience. The most recent example of why the MSM cannot be trusted is currently staring us directly in the face.

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds and this is exactly why they have dedicated over 15 times more coverage on the Donald Trump “lewd” comments tape, rather than on the damning Wikileaks Podesta emails!

The comments of Trump cannot be ignored and they were certainly made in bad taste, but this must be taken in context. His comments were “locker room” talk that has no serious ramifications to America. The Wikileaks emails show a direct conspiracy to RIG and MANIPULATE the general election, the latter of which is obviously criminal and a much more serious to the outcome of the country.

For this reason, plus countless others that we have witnessed in the past, the MSM has completely and utterly lost the faith of the people and no longer have a leg to stand on. They are all in for the Clinton campaign at this moment. They are entrenched in the fight of their lives, as they know their existence now rests in getting Hillary Clinton elected.

Don’t believe their garbage. Don’t believe their nonsense. We the people are the new mainstream media – the alternative news is no longer alternative. We are the rising tide and WE will not be silenced. Keep spreading the truth and keep fighting the good fight – we are all in this together.