Sony Unboxing Video Shows PlayStation VR In All Its Glory

Sony Unboxing Video Shows PlayStation VR In All Its Glory
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There are only two weeks before the Sony PlayStation VR is launched, and excitement is growing.

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Now Sony has posted an “unboxing” video ahead of the launch on October 13. It reveals exactly what will be included in the Sony PlayStation VR package, which will sell for $400.

PlayStation VR needs PlayStation camera and PS4 console

Sid Shuman of PlayStation can be seen unboxing the whole PlayStation VR bundle. Alongside the headset itself is a processor box, cables and wired stereo headphones. The PlayStation VR will also ship with a demo disc containing trial versions of 18 games.

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Among the titles included on the disc are Driveclub VR, EVE: Valkyrie, and RIGS Mechanized Combat League. This looks like a wise move from Sony. Instead of crashing the servers with new players trying to download demo games, the company has decided to go old school and offer a demo disc.

For those of you interested in buying a PlayStation VR it is important to note that the headset also needs a PlayStation camera. This is not included in the basic package. You also need a PlayStation 4 console in order to use PlayStation VR.

A $500 Launch Bundle will include the same stuff as the core package, as well as Move controllers, a PlayStation camera and a five-game collection from PlayStation VR Worlds.

Pre-order largely sold out already

Many major retailers have already sold out of PlayStation VR pre-orders. Sony has warned that there may be shortages of the device. However there is a chance that you could get your hands on one at a store or online on October 13.

Best Buy recently announced that 350 stores across the United States will open early for the launch of the PlayStation VR. Stores running on Eastern Time will open at 12.01 a.m. on October 13, while those in the Central time zone will open at 11:01 p.m. on October 12, 10:01 p.m. Mountain time and 9:01 p.m. for stores on the West Coast.

You can already try the headset at GameStop and Best Buy stores in the United States. In other news a new game has been announced for the platform, which lets you play pub games in a virtual bar.

You will have to own a PlayStation 4 console to use the PlayStation VR. The headset will also be compatible with the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro which is due for release in November. Sony’s latest console will go head-to-head with the Xbox One S from Microsoft.

Virtual reality increasingly important in gaming

Competition between the two companies is fierce, and many people are increasingly interested in the virtual reality capabilities of the consoles. The technology is growing in popularity, although some problems have been reported.

One issue is that certain games have been found to make people feel nauseous when wearing a virtual reality headset. This is largely down to the delivery of games from developers, but it is also a wider concern with virtual reality.

Demo versions of Resident Evil 7 have been found to make many people feel sick due to the camera used in the game. Later versions have an updated camera that reduced the incidence of nausea, but it certainly looks like an issue that developers will have to wrestle with.

The PlayStation VR looks set to be an exciting addition to the virtual reality space, so if you’ve not already pre-ordered one it might be time to sharpen your elbows on October 13. Early-opening Best Buy stores could be your best bet!

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