New iPhone 8 Concept Looks Simply Stunning [VIDEO]

New iPhone 8 Concept Looks Simply Stunning [VIDEO]
Image source: iVenyaWay / YouTube Video Screenshot

While the iPhone 7 only launched recently, there is already plenty of speculation about what changes Apple will introduce to the iPhone 8.

The 2017 iPhone has yet to be officially named, but most analysts believe that it will be known as the iPhone 8. Following Apple’s decisions to retain the same basic style from the iPhone 6s to the iPhone 7, it is thought that the company will make a major overhaul for the iPhone 8. Now a new set of concept renders from Veniamin Geskin imagine how the upcoming smartphone could look.

New concept imagines wrap around display and ceramic frame

So far we have heard a few theories about what changes will be made for the next iPhone. Geskin’s concept mixes a few of those together.

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The device has a wrap around display like the one seen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. However it doesn’t have a full-screen display that some rumors have predicted.

In terms of materials the concept adds a ceramic frame, most likely drawing on the Apple Watch Edition Series 2 for inspiration. Geskin has also included wireless charging capabilities in some of the renders, which allows for the removal of the Lightning port. In turn this means that the iPhone 8 can be a super-slim handset.

Curved display and wireless charging

It also features a curved display, which has long been rumored to make its first appearance for Apple in the iPhone 8. The use of ceramic would make the handset very tough and scratch resistant, in contrast to the recently released Jet Black iPhone 7. Certain kinds of ceramic materials could also help Apple to build wireless charging capabilities into the new smartphone.

While some details are lacking in a few of the images, the overall concept is pretty amazing. It might seem strange that we are talking about next year’s iPhone so far in advance, but such is the interest in all things Apple.

The tech giant still has a lot of time to decide on what it wants to do with the iPhone 8, but there would surely be few complaints if the next generation smartphone ends up looking like this concept.

What about the technical specifications?

While these concept renders show us what Geskin believes the exterior of the iPhone 8 will look like, what could be lurking under the hood? First off it is thought that a new A11 processor is in the works. This would be even faster than the existing A10 used in the iPhone 7, and could even support long-distance wireless charging and iris or facial scans.

Another rumored change is the introduction of OLED displays. According to various reports Apple has already signed a contract with Samsung to supply 40 million AMOLED display units from 2017. The introduction of OLED technology could lead to a thinner handset, as it would negate the need for a backlighting panel as used in the current LCD displays.

It has also been rumored that Apple could bring out three models of the iPhone 8, one of which would be a premium handset with a curved display. This could allow Apple to introduce curved displays without placing enormous strain on its supply chain.

Very little is known about the iPhone 8, and understandably so. We are still a long way from a launch date. However it is certain that the 2017 iPhone will be expected to battle it out with smartphones from rival manufacturers such as Samsung. As such Apple will need to introduce some innovations to keep buyers interested.

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