iOS 10 Reduces Battery Life, According To iPhone Users

The latest version of the Apple operating system has turned some devices into bricks, and now it appears that iOS 10 has a negative effect on battery life.

With every new operating system there are likely to be some teething troubles, but Apple has run into difficulty with iOS 10. The update has left some devices unusable, while others have reportedly found it hard to pick up a cellphone signal. Now it appears that iOS 10 is having a negative effect on battery life, writes Richard Gray for Mail Online.

iOS 10 criticized for draining batteries

Online forums are now playing host to users who claim that the new operating system makes their battery last for less time than before, and also makes their devices heat up.

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New York Times political reporter Nick Confessore was among those complaining about battery life. “I’ve now updated to iOS10 and updated all my apps. Is there a reasonable technical explanation for why my iPhone battery life is down 50 per cent?,” he said.

“My phone battery went from 19 per cent to 11 per cent to 14 per cent and then it died. I have never felt so betrayed in my life #iOS10,” said Akash Patel.

Michael D’Elia, from Murray, Kentucky, said: “Wow! Been up four hours and haven’t done much at all but my battery is half gone?! Thanks #iOS10.”

Experts provide possible explanation as Apple stays silent

Apple is yet to officially address the issue, but experts have offered an explanation. It seems that the upgrade means devices will use extra power downloading apps, photos, mail and other content. Apple’s search function, Spotlight, will also use a lot of power as it indexes all of the content on the phone.

Experts advise that users should check their background refresh settings to see which apps are allowed to make downloads in the background. These settings could have been changed by iOS 10, and turning off this function can conserve battery life.

You can also check which apps are using the most power under the settings menu. iOS 10 has its own set of “battery life suggestions” which are largely related to making usage adjustments such as screen brightness.

Teething problems a regular occurrence for new operating systems

Previous versions of Apple operating systems have also had issues after launch.

When iOS 5 launched in 2011, many users were confronted by multiple error messages. Earlier this year the release of iOS 9.3.2 was supposed to fix bug issues, but instead caused more problems for various iPad Pro owners.

Problems with iOS 10 have prompted mobile carrier T-mobile to advise its customers not to install the update. It appears that carrier settings were changed, and left devices unable to connect to the T-mobile network. Apple has since fixed the problem.

Other users have reported problems in using the iMessage messaging app. This is one of the major upgrades that Apple trumpeted when introducing iOS 10, but some users have not been able to send messages.

Overall iOS 10 makes greater use of artificial intelligence than its predecessors. For example the Photos app can now better identify photos based on people, location, time and sometimes items in the images.

The iOS keyboard has also been updated to better understand the context as you type, as well as displaying your calendar if you are making arrangements. Apple Music is another app to receive an overhaul, after receiving criticism for its confusing design.