BAMTech To Handle NFL Live Streams For Twitter

BAMTech To Handle NFL Live Streams For Twitter

Twitter has tapped BAMTech to power its Thursday NFL live streams, according to The Wall Street Journal. Now the social media firm will be able to concentrate on developing its video platform by delegating the backend responsibilities to BAMTech.

BAMTech a good choice by Twitter

BAMTech is actually a spin-off by MLB Advanced Media, which manages the content delivery system and the backend for 10 million streams daily and around 25,000 live events (based on the figures from last October), reports Business Insider.

BAMTech has an amazing track record. It has a history of turning around the top streaming services in a cost-effective and timely way. The best evidence is probably its execution of HBO Now. HBO anticipated that the project would take about three years to complete at a cost of $900 million, but BAMTech completed the job in just four months and on a $50 million budget, according to Business Insider.

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