350 Best Buy Stores To Open Early For PlayStation VR

Fans who are waiting to buy the PlayStation VR will be pleased to hear this piece of news from Best Buy.

According to a post from the retailer, Best Buy will open at 12.01 a.m. ET on October 13 so you can get the new virtual reality immersive gaming device from Sony. There are 350 stores across the country that will open at the same time, which means stores in the Central time zone will open at 11:01 p.m. on October 12, 10:01 p.m. Mountain time and 9:01 p.m. for stores on the West Coast.

PlayStation VR
Image source: Best Buy

Best Buy encouraging buyers of PlayStation VR

If you want to get a PlayStation VR but can’t get to a store at that time, there will be some of the devices available in-store the next day. You can also order on

In June, Best Buy became one of the first retailers to offer PlayStation VR demos in about 200 stores. The PlayStation VR is compatible with Sony’s PlayStation 4 console, so you’ll soon be able to play games such as Batman: Arkham in virtual reality.

The VR headset will cost $399 and will ship with an 8-game demo disc. Titles include Driveclub VR, EVE: Valkyrie, and RIGS Mechanized Combat League.

Sony hoping for flawless launch of virtual reality headset

It might some a bit strange to launch such cutting edge technology with the aid of physical media, but it’s easy to see why Sony is taking that route. The company wants to ensure that the launch is as smooth as possible, and will do whatever it takes to avoid crashing its servers as gamers try to download VR game demos.

If you missed the pre-order for PlayStation VR, heading down to Best Buy could be the next best option. That way you’ll be able to go home and start playing immediately.

While $399 may seem steep, at least you’ll get to see what the headset is capable of straight out of the box without buying extra games. The headset will ship with a demo of “high-octane” racing game Driveclub VR, which promises to be an improvement on the original Driveclub game that received a lukewarm reception.

Sony squaring off with Microsoft in gaming market

Fans of fighting games will be pleased to see that a demo of RIGS Mechanized Combat League is included on the disc. Developers Guerrilla Games bill the game as “fast-paced arena combat.”

There is more battling to be done in Battlezone, which is the brainchild of Rebellin Studios. The tank battle game lets players explore futuristic battlefields in a “powerful Cobra tank, and demolish all that trundles in your path.”

The PlayStation VR will only be compatible with the PlayStation 4. Sony continues to battle it out with Microsoft in the games console market, and things are getting heated.

The Sony PS4 Pro is due for release soon, and Microsoft will also roll out its Microsoft Xbox One S. Competition is fierce between the two tech giants, so it comes as no surprise that Sony is not offering PlayStation VR compatibility for other consoles.

Virtual reality is an increasingly important part of games offerings, although the technology has been criticized for making some people feel ill. While this depends largely on how developers deliver their games. it will be interesting to see how consumers fare with the PlayStation VR when it is released in a couple of weeks.