Is World War 3 Possible? Definitely, But Let’s Pray Not!

Is World War 3 Possible? Definitely, But Let’s Pray Not! by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money

The free world continues to spin out of control. Everyday we are hearing more and more news that would typically tank markets and make people’s hair recede three or four inches in fear. Yet, it’s not happening yet in this upside down world. In fact the markets have never been better and continue to experience new highs. Happy days right? Wrong, as usual – this is all a farce.

Perhaps if you’re a global elite who has been able to fully take advantage of this artificial surge in higher stock prices and cheap money, then you are waking up with a smile on your face knowing that soon you will be dumping stocks on some unlucky fool. Unfortunately, if you are part of the majority who has never fully recovered from the 2008 crisis then you are in an entirely different camp.

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Even worse, if you are in the camp of those who proudly calls themselves “awake” – such as many of us in the precious metals community, then you know that things are not peachy at all and have to live with the burden of this knowledge. The world is spiraling out of control as terrorism runs amuck, corruption reigns and a massive global conflict brews in plain sight.

World War 3

The latter point is the one that makes me the most worried. It appears to many, including myself, that the United States, the current global power in the world is actively poking two of the fastest growing powers in the world, Russia and China. What is even scarier is how close these two formidable forces have become, largely because of foolish policies enacted by our inept leaders.

One prominent person that is very aware about the dangers the world now faces is Ron Paul , who is highly thought of as one of the most honest politicians (two words that typically don’t go together) to ever exist and one of the most respected names in the liberty movement.

Yesterday I wrote about how the United States is once again pushing the world towards a potential conflict with Russia as tensions in Crimea erupt once again. Yet as Ron Paul points out, the United States is also instigating trouble with China.

He believes that the United States interventionism that we are seeing in the South China sea could lead to a massive conflict with China. The pot is boiling and as Ron Paul points out, a mistake could easily be made by either side.

Once again this is just one more reason why we should be preparing now – not next month, not next week, but now. Sadly, we continue to move down this path of uncertainty, all we need to do is open our hearts and minds to the flood of bad information that is bombarding us on a daily basis.

Little can be done if this a global conflict sparks. Let’s pray that it never comes to this as the destruction of property and lives will be of biblical proportions.

Yet, we can at least do one thing. We can protect our financial liberty by taking action and accumulating precious metals, which have proven time and time again to be a shelter in times of uncertainty, conflict and war. Ask yourself, are you prepared and if not, what are you waiting for? The writing on the wall couldn’t be clearer.