Teacher Caught On Video Beating Students In Chitral, Pakistan

Teacher Caught On Video Beating Students In Chitral, Pakistan

A brutal video of someone beating children with a wooden stick is going viral. The video first appeared on Twitter, shared by someone who said it shows a teacher in Chitral, Pakistan beating some schoolchildren. It was taken via a mobile device and clearly shows boys and girls being tortured and crying and trying to run away from their attacker, but he doesn’t stop.

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Beating incident videoed in Chitral

Local news channel reports that the incident occurred at a private school in the Drosh part of Chitral district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The website adds that someone identified the man as Inam, a schoolteacher in the Chitral district, and that the children who were beating beaten were between the ages of eight and 10 years old.

The website spoke to Mohammad Yousaff, who is Chitral District’s assistant commissioner, and he said that the administration learned of the incident after the video clip appeared on social media. He said no parents had complained about any abuse within the school district, but he has requested a First Information Report warrant for the teacher’s arrest under the Child Protection Act. Police are investigating the matter as well.

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