No Man’s Sky Cheat, Exploit Gives Players Unlimited Items, Cash

No Man’s Sky was finally released this week, and now players are beginning to unravel some of the mysteries of its universe. Already, some explorers have figured out ways to make an unlimited amount of money, and other players have figured out exploits which allow them to get infinite Warp Cells, Atlas Stones, and other rare resources.

No Man’s Sky, as it turns out, has a remarkably game-breaking exploit which is allowing players to farm its rarest items and duplicate the entire contents of your starship inventory a seemingly infinite number of times – to such an extent that you can reach the center of the galaxy and finish the game incredibly quickly.

It’s essentially a case of utilizing a cheap trick to duplicate the inventory’s contents, and repeating the process until your satisfied with what you’ve duplicated. It’s very unlikely that Hello Games will allow this exploits to remain in the game for much longer, so I’ll jump right into explaining how to do it while you still have a chance. Also, it goes without saying, but don’t attempt this trick if you were hoping for a cheat-free, organic No Man’s Sky experience. It’s certainly an optional exploit, so use it at your own discretion!

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Here’s how to beat No Man’s Sky in no time

First, you want to place the desired items that you would like to duplicate into your starship inventory. At this point, you want to save the game. This can be done quickly by docking at a Space Station, as the game autosaves every time you exit your ship inside a Space Station hanger.

Next, board your ship if you haven’t already, and head out into the vast, open frontier of space. You know whose sky that is? No man’s. So, at this point, you are going to want to get yourself killed. The quickest way to this this is by attacking a large Freighter, which draws quite a bit of Sentinel and turret attention. The Freighter should make quick work of you. Also, try attacking some pirates if there aren’t any Freighters around.

Once your character has respawned, make sure to check that your ship’s inventory is empty (except for the fixed items such as your Hyperdrive and Sigma upgrades, obviously), and that your Exosuit’s inventory is still full as it was before your “untimely” death.

Load the “Previous” save game file – NOT the most recent one. The game always autosaves when your character respawns, and we want to go back to the save file before your death.

At this point, check your ship’s inventory. It should be full again, as it was before your death. However, and this is the important part, your “Grave” will still appear on the heads-up display, which is located at the point of your death.

Clear some space in your space ship’s inventory (items picked up whilst in your ship always are put into your ship’s inventory, so it will need some empty space), and the fly over to your grave.

Time to collect what’s yours!

Flying over your grave will collect the items you “lost” from your ship’s inventory when you were killed. Doing so will, combined with the pre-save inventory you currently have, will double what you had before. You’ll be able to continue picking up items from your grave until your inventory is recovered.

At this point, you can sell, discard, or craft any spare items you don’t need, which also allows you unlimited cash. You can create more space to either pick up the rest of your inventory or rinse and repeat the process until you’re satisfied with what you’ve got!

And that’s all! Each time you do this, you can double the contents of your inventory, so you can quickly increase the number of rare items. Soon enough you’ll be able to get to the center of the galaxy and beat the game in a fraction of the time! If you plan on taking advantage of this exploit, do so soon, as Hello Games will almost certainly patch this out sooner rather than later.