Baby Boomers Retire: Developing Leadership In The Next Generation Of Workers

Baby Boomers Retire: Developing Leadership In The Next Generation Of Workers

If you’re running a business that is about to face a leadership crisis, what do you do? Unfortunately many businesses are burying their heads in the sand, failing to prepare for the eventual full retirement of the Baby Boomer generation out of the workforce. Already two thirds of Baby Boomers have retired, but one third remain filling those leadership roles for now.

The problem with developing leaders is that it takes something completely different in today’s workforce than it has in previous generations. What worked for your parents’ generation isn’t necessarily going to work for yours. Parents and teachers are failing to realize that things like social and emotional intelligence have not been recognized as the crucial keys to success they actually are. Businesses are also ignoring development and just going with the flow. Crossing your fingers and hoping everything works out is traditionally not the preferred method for achieving business success, but that seems to be what businesses are going for these days.

Fortunately there is a better way. Identifying and developing catalyst level leaders can help your organization prepare for the impending leadership gap that will arise when Baby Boomers retire. Catalyst level leaders think outside the box, learn from their mistakes, can navigate change, can take on another person’s perspective, and can build relationships. They seek out work that is meaningful to them and they have a desire to change the world as well as a strong work ethic.

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Schools are lacking the ability to train students in emotional and social intelligence, and as a result 55% of leaders are stuck on high school level behavioral development, while 35% are stuck at college level behavioral development. The good news is that businesses can identify and train the next generation of leaders. Learn more about the leadership gap and what can be done about it from this infographic!

Baby Boomers Retire: Developing Leadership In The Next Generation Of Workers

Baby Boomers Retire Developing Leadership In The Next Generation Of Workers Infographic

Infographic source: Genesa Leadership

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