Astronomers Find Galaxy Made Of Mostly Dark Matter

Astronomers Find Galaxy Made Of Mostly Dark Matter

Astronomers believed they have identified a galaxy roughly the same size as the Milky Way about 300 million light years from Earth that they think is make of about 99.99% dark matter. This dark Galaxy the researchers have found is only one-hundredth of one percent visible matter that makes up stars and planets. Thing is, astronomers really don’t know much about dark matter beyond the fact that they are near sure it exits.

Dragonfly 44 is 99.99% unknown material according to study

The researchers found the Dragonfly 44 galaxy in 2015, and it’s so named as it was found using the Dragonfly Telephoto Array in New Mexico which was developed by astronomers from both Yale University and the University of Toronto and uses a configuration of eight telephoto lenses. While scientists haven’t quite worked out what dark matter is nor has it ever been observed, scientists believe that it makes up about 80% of the universe. The identification of something invisible was made simply by the observance of the gravity from dark matter.

While 300 million miles may seem like quite the distance it really isn’t when you consider that the Hubble Space Telescope is able to see billions of light-years into space. Problem with the Hubble is it can’t see “in the dark” like the Dragonfly Array which was designed specifically for that purpose.

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