Xbox Project Scorpio May Be On Par With PCs, But How Long?

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The Xbox Project Scorpio is rumored to be as powerful as gaming PCs, but will it be able to keep up when even more powerful PCs hit the market? For years, there has been an ongoing debate between consoles and PCs. Rumors suggest the gap between the performance on PCs and consoles will lessen, but that’s something only time will tell.

Microsoft could change the game

The Xbox Project Scorpio will be as powerful as a gaming rig, noted Forbes. There are chances that Microsoft could be changing the game, and the latest console’s blueprint could serve to even those odds. Sony is coming out with its own system as well. The PlayStation 4 Neo is in development, but it still cannot be said how powerful it will be.

When the Xbox Project Scorpio is released, it will be the most powerful console on the market, believe console developers. But such machines would not be seeing the light of the day until more than a year from now. Maybe the Xbox Project Scorpio will fulfill the promise Microsoft made at E3 when it announced the console. Fans are hoping that the wait will be justified.

Will the Xbox Project Scorpio be better than PCs?

The Xbox Project Scorpio will surpass current computers but get outpaced, according to Gaming Bolt. CD Projekt RED’s Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz, a narrative designer who is working on the Gwent card game aspect of The Witcher 3, weighed in on the Scorpio.

“For sure the Scorpio will have better looking games,” Tomaszkiewicz began. “If this was available when we were working on Wild Hunt I would expect similar quality that we have on PC right now or even better, maybe.”

Mateusz said he did not know much about the Xbox Project Scorpio, but he thinks PCs are growing and developing very fast. New graphics cards are being released more frequently than new consoles.

“So I think it will put Scorpio on par with the PCs that we have at that point. But I think PC is growing so fast that it’ll outpace Scorpio,” the expert said.

Still, the Xbox Project Scorpio is said to supersede other consoles and is expected to be more powerful than the Xbox One, attracting gamers looking for the greatest system in terms of performance.  The Scorpio system will be VR compatible and will support 4k resolution. However, there is still no official date on when the system will be released.

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